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1 Christmas

Ah, Christmas...the best time of the whole year; nothing beats spending time with family, giving gifts, decorating the living room and having a perfect excuse to feast on sweets! - Entranced98

You gotta love the Christmas atmosphere. But my birthday's just a week before it... - PositronWildhawk

Though I'm an Atheist I feel happy on Christmas people celebrating and stuff. It's cool.

This is of course the best thing about December, even though Santa isn't real.

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2 Christmas Parties

3 words- food games soda - ruJILLous

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3 Breezy cold weather

I really miss that weather we don't have it in Mexico so I'm always sad when my papa says "it's snowing in Illinois right now" I get really home sick - Badgerflame

It feels nice sometimes, especially after you go to a really hot place. - ruJILLous

As long as it doesn't drop to something below 0 F then it would be fine.

4 Holidays

I love holidays! If my school principal will call us for extra classes I will definitely slit her throat - Ananya

Because our great leader Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinaah was born in 25 december

5 Snow
6 Getting gifts on Christmas

That is not what it is all about

I like gifts, but Christmas is more than that - ruJILLous

7 Seeing Relatives
8 Yummy desserts
9 Christmas Carols

I have to memorize like 6 of this choir - ruJILLous

10 Decorating the Christmas Tree

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11 Going for holidays
12 Cool, Frosty Atmosphere
13 Scenery
14 Santa Claus
15 Hanukkah
16 Toasting Marshmallows
17 Panettone
18 Pandoro
19 Cozy nights with your significant other
20 Going to the Beach

For all people in the southern hemisphere

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1. Christmas
2. Seeing Relatives
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1. Christmas
2. Breezy cold weather
3. Christmas Parties
1. Christmas
2. Seeing Relatives
3. Snow

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