Top Ten Best Things About Donald Trump Being Elected President

America voted, and Donald Trump is set to become the 45th President of the United States of America. While the majority of the U.S. of A. is pleased with the results, there's are strongly-divided opinions towards the outcome. For those who view these historic results as positive, this list is for you. Please consider that this list does not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself, and that I have created a companion list that represents those of the opposite opinion, also.

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1 Trump Speaks for the Working Class Trump Speaks for the Working Class

LOL for this list! Keep watching Fox news and Trump's Tweets and afterwards keep looking your own personal life. Nothing is gonna change in your life! You all think that you gonna be rich because you voted for him? Keep dreaming.

I agree with this list. I'm proud to call trump my president. - Therandom

Of course he is. He needs them to increase profits of the big powerplants. But those same working-class ( and many with a minimum salary ) will not see an increase of their pays or earnings. You were all fooled by a man who needed voters.

2 Trump Has High Standards Trump Has High Standards V 1 Comment
3 Trump's Hard on Terrorism Trump's Hard on Terrorism

So is every country and politician who has to deal with terrorism. Being against illegal immigrations, against latinos ( are they terrorists? ), against minorities like afro-americans is not being hard on terrorism. It's called racism.

A lot of terrorists come into our country through illegal immigration. You gotta think like a terrorist. It's an easy way into our country because our borders have been wide open for a long time now. - eventer51314

Every terrorist will come illegal if they want to cause terror ( it's not a wall on the Mexican border that will stop them ) and those who enter in a " legal " way are still terrorists. You think they gonna change because they did get in an legal way? Trump is playing with the fear of people to get support ( his TRUMPANZEES ) for this stupid irrational idea.

This list is very true and I applaud you

4 Trump Cannot Be Bought Trump Cannot Be Bought V 1 Comment
5 Trump is Tired of Political Correctness Trump is Tired of Political Correctness

And so am I. That's one of the big reasons the American people voted him into office. He's not afraid to call radical Islamic terrorism...radical Islamic terrorism. That's what Isis is. Not 'violent extremists' or other vague labels. You have to be able to define your enemy. Trump says it like it is, directly. No beating around the bush. - eventer51314

The only thing I agree with.

Main reason I wanted him. Rustle all the SJWs. - Puga

6 Trump Wants to Lower Taxes Trump Wants to Lower Taxes

He wants to lower corporate taxes ( and that's not working-class taxes! ). Only then he will be able to lower personal taxes. But what after he has lower the personal taxes? Raising the prices of all products to win money back ( and increase the profits of the big companies and manufactures ) and therefor lower also the buying capacities of the working-class. Do you really think that a capitalist like Trump will lower profits ( included his ones )? How stupid can you be to believe this manipulator?

That's one good thing... - TwilightKitsune

7 He's a Proud Patriot He's a Proud Patriot

And is that a reason you voted for him? Are the one who voted not for him not proud to be American?

Meaning he's not going to cower down to the globalists. - eventer51314

How can Americans embrace patriotism, love their country so much and at the same time not care about the wellfare of " all " people who live there or want to live there?

No, Britgirl. There are plenty of people here in America that aren't patriots, who hate America. And of course there are people who will present themselves as patriots, but who deep down hate America or who don't give a crap about it and want to exploit it. *cough* the Clintons and their 'Foundation' *cough* - eventer51314

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8 Trump's Pro-Life Trump's Pro-Life

I support abortion if it's rape/threat to mother's life. - TwilightKitsune

9 Trump's Skilled at Making Deals Trump's Skilled at Making Deals

Social issues is not about making deals. It's about finding solutions. Who really cares other than the big capitalists to be skilled in making deals so that the stock market will be pleased of their new fortunes ( and they are more greedy than ever now )? Manipulation and corruption at the highest levels, true, then you must be skilled to making deals.

10 We'll strengthen our relationship with Russia

I think that having a strong alliance with a world power such as Russia will be good for our country. Especially if Donald Trump gets us into a war with China. - NicholasYellow

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11 Hillary Clinton Didn't Get Elected

Thank god.-TheWetWalrus

12 Trump Has His Priorities Straight Trump Has His Priorities Straight
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