Top Ten Best Things About Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Xenoverse is absolutely brilliant. The best DBZ game easily in my opinion. It comes at a time when the series is getting a revival and large cash injection, as evidenced by the new series Super and the new movies. Xenoverse is far more grand and ambitious than any other DragonBall game there has been. Everything is fantastic, especially the graphics. It's on a different level to other Z games.

The Top Ten

1 Create your own character

Make and design your own character who is the main character of the game. You can level them up and learn new skills with them. - EvilAngel

It gives people the sense of control. It allows players to put their dreams into reality in xenovesre. Everyone is the main character. - SSGNeo


Although there should be a android and Kaishin race..that's so cool

2 Fantastic graphics

Amazing graphics, with very vivid colours and true to the series. They work so well. - EvilAngel

3 TokiToki City

Previous Z games had menus. This has a free roam map with everything in it, a big game hub. It's brilliant and more ambitious than other Z games, EASILY. - EvilAngel

4 Twists in battles: no two battles the same

This isn't just set battles. Based on performance and finding different things on maps, different or additionaltthings can happen. - EvilAngel

5 Tells it's own story

Not just reciting the same story, it makes it's own. - EvilAngel

6 Masters

As you progress, different famous DBZ characters can be chosen as masters, teaching you their special attacks. Want Special Beam Cannon? Train under Piccolo. - EvilAngel


Good DLC packs, much much better than previous DB games. - EvilAngel

8 Character progression

Power up your character. - EvilAngel

9 Wishes

Collect the seven DragonBalls throughout parallel quests. Shenron has some awesome wishes to grant you. - EvilAngel

10 Animation

The fights aren't animation controlled, but when it comes its cool. - EvilAngel

The Contenders

11 Brilliant controls
12 Maps aren't just for fighting

During fights, you can lock off opponents and wander around the map finding items. - EvilAngel

13 Online Multiplayer

It is awesome.

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