Top Ten Best Things About Drake

The Top Ten

1 Consistency

Drake I'm Sorry can You please Forgive me.

Drakes has never made bad music once in his career. Since So Far Gone every mixtape or album he's dropped has had at least 3 songs that are fire. Doesn't look like he will fall off anytime soon.

2 Success

Every Album He's Made has at least gone platinum.
Some 2x platinum. His net worth speaks for himself.

3 Lyrics

His use of wordplay metaphors and similes is very apparent in his lyrics
Example: I just know she was fine like a ticket on a dash.

4 Diversity

He can sing very well which allows him to make songs like Diamonds Dancing. But his lyrics allow him to spit fire like in 6pm in New York.

5 Ability to Make Hits

He his the only rapper who makes guaranteed hits on all his albums/mixtapes.

6 The Meek Mill Beef

He beat a rapper who was considered harder than him with one a song he made in day. Enough said.

7 J. Cole and Kendricks Possible Joint Album

His main competition is Kendrick Lamar and J.cole. The fact that there making an album together proves that is takes 2 of the best rappers to take down Drake.

8 His Production

40 is one the best producers if not the best. Every beat that has been made for drake is addicting.

9 No One Cares If He Has a Ghostwriter

It has proven that he has used a ghostwriter and WATTBA still peaked number 1 on the US Charts.

10 Featured On Many Rap Songs

He has made music with future,asap rocky,kendrick lamar,chris brown,nicki minaj, Eminem,Lil Wayne,fetty wap. The fact is rappers who are coming up or just any rappers want him to be featured on there music because anything he touches turns to gold.

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