Top 10 Best Things About Drawing

Howdy everyone, today we are talking about drawing. I have been drawing for many years. I have learned a lot about drawing, and I appreciate many things about it and positive qualities drawing has will be discussed in this list. If you want to start drawing, it's not too late, and I promise you that it will be quite enjoyable and it can help you at certain times of your life.
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1 It helps you when you're depressed

When you're depressed, drawing can really help you. See, when you are depressed, it's because you are lacking brain chemicals such as Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine, or as I like to call them, the 4 happiness chemicals. It releases those chemicals and it's therapeutic and puts you at ease. It also helps with stress and anxiety. Overall drawing is just great for your mental health. I promise you that you can get through this.

Yes, circles make me not depressed.

2 You can make money from it

Jobs related to art are definitely dream jobs of mine, and it's a fantastic way to express yourself and make money from it. For example, you can be an animator or people could commission you for a piece of artwork. I think that is absolutely amazing since I love drawing and I absolutely love the fact that I can make money off of it.

People will definitely buy my circles.

This should be first

3 It boosts self-esteem

When you draw something that your proud of you will be more confident to yourself and your abilities causing you to respect yourself more. This is a good way to boost your self-esteem, and if you think your art is bad, just remember that no one is an amazing artist from the second that they are born. It just takes time to improve on your drawing skills and I learned that myself over time.

I am proud of my circles, stick figures, and horribly made 3-D shapes.

4 It boosts creativity

You use your imagination when you draw and it makes you use your artistic skills to draw anything you want such as characters. This will be beneficial to the development of a person's brain.

Yes circles and stick figures are very creative.

And creativity is always a very good trait.

5 It's fun

I always found drawing fun and you will probably have fun drawing no matter how old you are. You don't have to be one of the greatest artists of all time, you're just having fun, and at the end of the day, isn't that all that matters?

It is definitely fun to draw circles and stick figures.

6 It is a good way to express yourself

You could draw what's on your mind, or you could draw how you're feeling. It's just a very creative way to express yourself.

I express myself through circles.

7 It's accessible

You can do it online and there's millions of different drawing software on your phone, computer, and other devices. You can also just draw with paper and pencil. I personally prefer traditional drawing, but both are good.

You can draw anyplace anywhere anytime.

8 It improves hand-eye coordination

When you're drawing you put the tip of your pencil where your eyes are looking and that improves your hand-eye coordination and it keeps doing that as long as you keep drawing just like other activities such as playing video games and sports.

I got basketball for that.

9 You can share your drawings with other people

There's many art communities on the internet where you can share your drawings for entertainment, constructive criticism, or whatever reason you're posting it there unless you don't have internet at the moment but you can just show it to someone in real life. I think that's cool.

People definitely want to see my circles.

10 You can draw anything

You can draw animals, landscapes, people, anything you want as long as its not illegal things such as NSFW content of a minor. Just don't do that. As long as the things you draw aren't immoral and unlawful then I am not going to have an issue with it. If you look around there's ideas everywhere. Unfortunately, you could have artist's block sometimes though.

That's the main pro about 2D animation vs. CGI, for CGI, there are some limitations, but in 2D animation, it's limitless

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11 Teaches you manual skills
12 You could be an animator
13 It alleviates boredom

true just try drawing if you have no computers, phones, or tablets TRY now!

14 You don’t need skills
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