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1 Air

Air is what helps us breathe. Water is what helps us survive. If there were no air, how would we live? Should air be number 1 or number 2 with water being number 1? - TopTenJackson

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2 Water

We can't live without water - JaysTop10List

3 Atmosphere
4 Created By God

Why else would it be so perfectly round ( if you shrink Earth to the size of a pool ball, it would be smoother than a pool ball) and beautiful? A Mars sized meteor crashed into Earth and formed the moon due to all the debris. However, the Earth still healed. There are beautiful oceans and vast forests. Earth is exactly in the Goldilocks Zone, where life can exist. There is no other planet so far, that has life. We were able to have an ozone layer, which no other planet has. God made this planet like this for a reason. - ethanmeinster

5 Land
6 Cities
7 Places
8 People
9 Rain

I love when it Rains

10 Life

Duh, what would earth be without life? A big giant land of nothing.
I am glad that life is on earth. no internet,, britgirl, toptenjackson, and FAMILY.

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11 Heat
12 Its Food
13 Music
14 Snow

I love snow way more than anyone does.
I am a crazy snow lover. - snowSNOW

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