Top Ten Things About Ed, Edd, N Eddy


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1 They're Funny

All of these people laugh so hard

2 They Like Jollly Ranchers

No they don't. They've never had any interest in Jolly Ranchers in the show. They only liked Jawbreakers.

No they don't. They like jawbreakers.

*Jawbreakers - Catacorn

3 They Ask for Money
4 Ed Is dumb
5 They Always Get In Trouble
6 They have Good Character Designs

This was pretty much the reason why I watched this show as a kid.

7 One's Dumb, One's Smart, and One's Bossy
8 They Like Jawbreakers
9 Their Middle Names Have Been Revealed
10 Their Last Names are Never Revealed

The Contenders

11 Ed Loves Chickens
12 Double D Never Reveals What's Under his Hat

Cringy but I used to think he was a girl.
Oh and Double D is a Bra.

I wanted to know what was under his hat forever. And the movie made me so mad, they didn't even show his head! - Catacorn

13 A Fistful of Ed was Originally Going to be the Last Episode of the Entire Series, but Two Episodes were Already in Production
14 It is the Best Thing Ever
15 Double D Is Smart
16 Eddy Is Bossy
17 Eddy Is a Con Artist
18 Ed's Favorite Foods are Chunky Puffs, Gravy, and Buttered Toast
19 Double D Wears a Sock Hat
20 Eddy Is Short
21 Ed is the Tallest of the Trio
22 They're Similar to the Three Stooges
23 Double D is the Smartest of the Trio
24 Ed is the Dumbest of the Trio
25 Ed Has Been Known to Have Super Powers is Some Episodes
26 Eddy Loves Money

He's like the human version of Mr. Krabs.

27 All Three Have Different Skin Colors
28 All Three Have Different Tongue Colors
29 All Three Live in the Cul-de-sac
30 Ed has a Ton of Allergies
31 Eddy's Middle Name is Skipper
32 Double D's Middle Name is Marion

John Wayne's real name is Marion.

33 All Three have the Same Name

Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

34 Ed Loves Comic Books
35 Double D Loves to Read
36 Double D is Incredibly Weak
37 Most of Their Scams Often Fail
38 They're Afraid of the Kanker Sisters

Who isn't afraid of the Kanker Sisters?

39 Ed Has a Bossy Little Sister Named Sarah
40 Double D Is an Only Child
41 Eddy Has a Sadistic Older Brother

Is there any reason to question the way Eddy is now?

42 Eddy's Older Brother's Name is Never Revealed
43 Their Parents' Faces are Never Shown

Just like a lot of characters' parents who are never shown on the show.

44 Ed Loves Monster Movies
45 Double D Likes to Be Clean
46 Eddy Hates Birds
47 They're Often Called "Dorks" by Kevin
48 All Three of Them Have a Crush on Nazz
49 They're Not Popular
50 Double D is Good at Building Machines Made Out of Other Objects
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1. They're Funny
2. They Like Jollly Ranchers
3. They Ask for Money
1. They're Funny
2. They Like Jollly Ranchers
3. They Ask for Money


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