I have made a blog post similar to this before, but it focused on the negatives, probably looking like I was looking for attention but that wasn't the case. So I thought I would make a more positive one, that will allow my friends on here to know me better. And hopefully it doesn't do what my Metallica post did and have half of it disappear so it doesn't make sense.

My name is rob , short for Robert. I was born on 19th October 1996 to the two most amazing parents who have always supported me. I have no brothers or sisters. As a young kid I was first obsessed with animals, then as I started teenage it was supercars. I attended a great primary school, well it was great at the time with that headteacher, and then went to a secondary school that's now known as ACE Academy. Ever since childhood and now more than ever, I have been obsessed with dbz, particularly the characters Goku, Vegeta, and piccolo , who have taught me so many lessons and who's stories have gripped me and made me cry as well as grin crazily. People on here think that metal and rock means the most to me, but if I had to choose, dbz actually memeans even more to me , but both are the two things that mean most to me after my family and girlfriend. In year ten at school (when I was fourteen and fifteen ) my life took a dark turn, I liked a girl who messed me about and was pretty much a slag, then one of my nans suddenly died from a heart attack with no warning, then few months later my dog had to be put down due to bad kidneys. It was hard times, but since then my life has got better, except for my excessive worrying, partially flamed by the heart attack of my nan, which made me worry it would happen to my mom or dad. I got with my girlfriend eighteen months ago at the time of me writing this, it hasn't always been an easy relationship as we are very different, but here we are. She's called Georgie but I call her George for short and she's pretty amazing, and somehow obsessed with me, I don't know how.
I came across this site roughly about 4 years ago or so, around the time of all that crap happening or not long later. It helped me voice my opinions.
I ADORE my family, dbz, Breaking Benjamin, and Linkin Park. Songs like Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine, In The End, Crawling and Numb by Linkin Park, and Crawl, Without You, and Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin mean so much to me and grip my soul.

My favourite colour is easily blue. I am a gamer, have been for years. Obviously now as I get older more responsibility comes into the equation so I don't get to start nearly as many different series as I'd like to , but that's life. I love my xbox One, my gamer tag is XLinkin8472X. I've been to sixth form and got A levels. I'm six ft exactly but am very underweight, I weigh under ten stone, I just really struggle to put on weight.
More often than not I favour misunderstood and underrated sides. For example, I easily prefer xbox One over play station 4 having been on both, and easily prefer metal and rock over pop.
At the time of me writing this it's been about a month since I thought I would leave this site due to Ultimate Hybrid X leaving , as we were like a duo, but I realised I couldn't leave my friends behind. I love users like Britgirl, keyson , positron, Gary the snail, etc, and I can safely say I'll stay a member of this website until I die.


Happy early birthday, mate. - PetSounds

Thanks mate - EvilAngel

It seems like I also can't leave this site! At last! Somebody said he'd stay here forever! By the way, you're an only child? Me too! Lol - visitor

:D - EvilAngel

My story is kind of similar to yours, though I've never had a girlfriend. - visitor

This was a nice bio. Keep it up, Rob! - RiverClanRocks

Thank you - EvilAngel

Blue is one of my favorite colors too! - Pegasister12

Nice - bobbythebrony

Good to know. - Delgia2k

Very good post man. I'm in year ten so yipee. Haha. Seriously though. You're a brilliant user. - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks mate, you are better - EvilAngel

I haven't seen this post until now. I couldn't find anyone who loves DragonBall, Rock, Metal, Xbox, much more... Also, I didn't know you have a girlfriend who's different yet loving, you're beginning to get a new life, despite those hard times you've been through. Keep it up. - TheRegular1227

- EvilAngel

You're from Vietnam right, TheRegular1227? Me too and if you cannot find DBZ lovers then that's weird, there are many DBZ fans here in my school alone, including me myself of course - Goku02

Absolutely amazing post. Stay cool man ;D - 05yusuf09

Happy late birthday for last year, happy early birthday for this year. - Skullkid755