Top Ten Best Things About Fairs

I went to fair yesterday, didn't think I would like it, but I really did! Here are some of the best things about fairs.

The Top Ten

1 The Food

Franklin County Fair has a pie stand that is wonderful, I look forward to a slice all summer

2 The Artwork

I'm not just talking about paintings, there are also things like butter sculptures and photography. - M4j0r45

3 The Animals

Especially the cute ones, like bunnies and piglets. I really find the bees to bee quite interesting. Just don't think about what the animals are being raised for and you'll surely enjoy it. - M4j0r45

4 The Rides

You can't go to a fair without going on a few rides, now can you? Well actually I did yesterday. But some of the classic fair rides include the swings and Ferris wheel. - M4j0r45

5 The Shows

Fairs have all kind of shows, from magic shows to dog shows. Be sure to check one out of you go to a fair. - M4j0r45

6 The Contests

Who has the biggest pumpkin, or who can draw the best picture in a short amount of time? - M4j0r45

7 The Products

It may be annoying having people get in your face trying to sell you stuff, but some of the stuff is actually decent. - M4j0r45

8 The Games

Oh God, some of these comments I wrote are making me cringe like hell. - M4j0r45

These are usuall rigged, but they are still fun to try out, and who knows? Maybe you'll win. - M4j0r45

9 The Homemade Ice Cream
10 The Crowd

Eh, not something I'm particularly fond of, but some people really like this. - M4j0r45

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11 The Smells
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