Top 10 Things About Fake People

The Top Ten Things About Fake People

1 They Do Nothing
2 They Judge Things Depending on the Outside
3 They Trust Rumors
4 They Break Rules
5 They Don't Know Differences Between Anything
6 They're Made of Plastic

Um no assuming you mean people who bah ave in a superficial way they are still made of the same flesh and blood as us.

7 They Haven't Heard About Much
8 They Don't Know Much About Society
9 They Tend to Be Hypocrites
10 They Tend to Be Backstabbers

The Contenders

11 They Think Justin Bieber is the Worst Person of All Time

Compared to Hitler? - LightningStrike

12 They Think Metal is Just Screaming About Satan

Stereotypes - LightningStrike

13 They Ditch Their Friends to Follow the “popular” Group
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