Best Things About Fire Emblem: Awakening


The Top Ten

1 The Large Cast of Characters

If you like the large cast of characters, you should die of a heart failure - PeeledBanana

My favorites are Henry, Cherche, Severa, Yarne, Owain, Cordelia, and many more. Not a bad character in this game. - LarrytheFairy

2 The Marriage System

So cute. My favorite so far was Lon'qu x Cherche. I mostly like this system because of the support conversations, but some players pair certain units to give the child units certain skills. - LarrytheFairy

3 The Tactical Gameplay

It's basically chess, but way more types of pieces that can level up and wield many types of weapons, and so much more. - LarrytheFairy

4 Being Able to Command Anime Batman
5 The Story

I heard some people dislike it, but nah, it's pretty cool. Pretty good for Nintendo. - LarrytheFairy

6 The Anime-style Cutscenes

I'm not a weeb though. - LarrytheFairy

7 Customizations

I talked about the avatar, but this game can have multiple difficulties, classic or casual mode, and viewpoints and what not - LarrytheFairy

8 The Customizable Avatar

You can change their gender, voice, appearance, and even their strengths and weaknesses. And, uh, some people like it so they can ship themselves with their waifu (I don't participate in that). - LarrytheFairy

9 Gangrel's Ass

Not gay though - LarrytheFairy

10 DLC

Haven't bought it but meh - LarrytheFairy

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