Best Things About the Fourth Generation of Pokemon

It’s my first gen of Pokemon. I thought I only liked it for nostalgia but turns out it’s still great on it’s own. Here is why.

The Top Ten

1 The Physical/Special Split

Yes, Dark was wasn’t a physical type back then. Let me guess, mons used Bite by throwing their dentures. And worse of all, nearly all the Dark mons back then were physical attackers. That’s sad. Thankfully, the physical/special split happened so now they weren’t worthless anymore! I seriously can’t think of anything that got worse from the split. The mons who could have been worse were given extra moves to fit their stats. - PageEmperor

2 It’s Underrated

I agree. It's my favorite generation, but people ignore it in favor of Gens 2 (which I do like) and 3. - KalloFox34

I mean yeah on the best Pokemon generations list on this site it’s number 1 but aside from that it still doesn’t get much recognition, even though it’s not hated as much as it used to be. Honestly I’ve never really understood why so many people don’t like this gen. I think it’s the most underappreciated generation. - PageEmperor

3 It Introduced More Poke Balls

I was wondering why there were no Quick balls (and I guess Dusk and Timer balls as well) when I was playing through hacks of older gens and that’s becausethose balls only got intruduced in this gen. Don’t know why we never got another new ball since then. - PageEmperor

4 The Games Were Good

HGSS were great remakes, Plat was the first Pokemon game I bought and after replaying it I can conclude it is also great, and I guess the first ones started the gen so if they didn’t exist the above 2 wont so yeah. - PageEmperor

5 It Introduced Tons of Cool New Evos to Previous Lines
6 The Pokemon Introduced that Generation Weren’t that Bad
7 The Show Was Still Good

The generations I mostly like are 4-7 but out of all the generations I like this was the only one where the Pokemon Show was still decent. - PageEmperor

Sinnoh anime had some of the best pokemon battles - styLIShT

8 It Was an Interesting Generation as a Whole

I really can’t wait for it to get a remake. - PageEmperor

9 Improved Battle Frontier
10 The Graphics Were Good

Just needed a 10th option. - PageEmperor

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