Top Ten Best Things About the French Horn


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1 Unique

There is nothing like the French Horn. - Karoeliza

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2 Beautiful

French Horn is a very beautiful instrument. - Karoeliza

3 Fun

Playing the French Horn is very fun and you get play lots of different and exciting pieces. - Karoeliza

4 Powerful

The horn is one of the few instruments that can truly move you with a powerful piece.

French Horn's sound can be extremely massive or extermely quiet. - Karoeliza

5 Different

You can always tell a French Horn from a Violin. - Karoeliza

6 Experience

You pick up lots of small things and you learn more. - Karoeliza

7 Rewarding

If you practice a lot, you will become a fantastic player and it will be very rewarding. - Karoeliza

8 Rare

"In all my time,the French horn players are the most rare of all instruments. Billions of trumpets, millions of French horns"

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9 Difficult
10 Mighty

They are strong little fellows that are loud in marching bands and quite when practicing perfect if your looking for a challenge...

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