Top Ten Best Things About a Funeral

Funerals are sad but there are some good things about them.

The Top Ten Best Things About a Funeral

1 The will

Yeah, exploit their death. That's the way to think about losing a loved one. - keycha1n

Well, who would put you in their will? Your other friends at the mental home? - gemcloben

Best things about a funeral? So you like death because it means you get to take someone's stuff? - Songsta41

Oh yeah, make a list on how a funeral is good. Best list ever! (sarcasm) - Therandom

2 You get to remember the good times you had with that person

But when they're alive you get to make more memories and spend more time with them. That to me seems better than just remembering past times that happened. - Songsta41

This list is not saying that funerals are good. - TopTensFan

If that was the point, why did you name the list "best things about a funeral"? - Songsta41

3 The food afterwards

My aunt keeps going to Funerals just to eat the food on offer she only knows one percentage of the people whose Funerals she goes to. I remember when she went to one I went to and thinking the moment I saw her she's only here to eat the food but she left soon after and didn't come back

Yup. When someone's many years that they have spent working on a life that no longer has any meaning, only a memory is left of them and that eventually fades. But that's good because of the food! - Songsta41

4 Getting to know that the person is in a better place

It's good to know that the person is in heaven. - TopTensFan

The only good part.

And it's good to know that you'll he in Hell, TTF.


5 If it's someone you don't like you don't have to worry about seeing them anymore

Yay yes definitely

First of all, if they're someone that's done something that makes you hate them, they may go to hell. Second of all, that's only a positive for those who are religious. Third, are you saying you want everyone you don't like to die? - Songsta41

6 The reunion
7 Getting to see the person look peaceful

The only good things about funeral are showing respect and helping one another coping. - gemcloben

It always makes everyone feel comfortable. - TopTensFan

8 You won't have to worry about that person dying

Because they're already dead! You worry because you don't want something to happen so that thing happening is a good thing? That makes no sense! - Songsta41

9 If you didn't like the person you can slap them while you view the body

Look, even if someone I never really liked was dead, I would never slap their body. It would be extremely insulting. - Minecraftcrazy530

Then why would you be attending their funeral...? - Puga

10 You get to remember someone's life with others while without a funeral you would never get a chance to express your depressions

At least you can express your sadness at a funereal and help cope with the person who died. Too bad this is the only good item on this list.

This is the only item that should truly be on here. - Songsta41

The Contenders

11 You might get to see them being buried

I did. And I cried for hours before, during, and after the funeral. Honestly, this list is sick. There is nothing good about a funeral. There is nothing good about losing someone. - keycha1n

Why is that a good thing? That's horrible - Songsta41

12 After the guy's funeral you will get a chance to date his girlfriend

Of she just lost the love of her life, then I think that's pretty damn insensitive. This list is probably one of the most twisted things I've seen. - keycha1n

If I was the girl, I wouldn't go out with you because I would find it sick that you were happy about my lover dying. - Songsta41

What on EARTH is this item? - Minecraftcrazy530

Okay, now I'm scared of you.

13 If it is a good looking girl that died you can kiss her when you go to view her body

Yeah because liking a ways to kill list isn't creepy at all. (Sarcasm)
Y'all the same people that post death threats about Justin Bieber so don't even play like y'all some goody goodies. - TopTensFan

Out of all the users who commented on this list, how many made a ways to kill list? Exactly. - Puga

If you're a creep, there's no stopping you. - PositronWildhawk

This is not okay at all... - Delgia2k

2 perverted 4 me m8 - CerealGuy

14 Paying respects
15 You can yell at them and not worry about them yelling back

I can yell logic to ttf and not have to worry about him yelling relevance back! - gemcloben

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