Top Ten Best Things About the Game Portal

ever play portal? here are top ten things about that game!

The Top Ten Best Things About the Game Portal

1 It has a great story

I just wish it focussed more on the story than comedy

The story is great.. I don't know who would deny. - lolingdog9000

2 It's easy and fun to speedrun

Somebody did a speedrun in less than 15 minutes, top that

My best is 26:00 single segment.. getting better! - lolingdog9000

3 All of the voices are original

All of them except the turrets, the voices were made to be the same, besides that all of the voices are different! - lolingdog9000

4 Very little haters

Maybe 1 or 2 haters, that's how good this game is! - lolingdog9000

5 Portal has loads of easter eggs

The Easter bunny would REALLY enjoy this game.

Easter eggs never EVER stop! (and I mean never) - lolingdog9000

6 It's very famous

Its very very very famous indeed! - lolingdog9000

7 Its story is original

The story is so original, this list is unoriginal compared! (And I have never seen a list like this! ) - lolingdog9000

8 It's made by valve

Made by a very good company I only know for steam and portal... still good! - lolingdog9000

9 Its backstory was good too

You only get to the backstory when you play portal 2... still very fun though! - lolingdog9000

10 When you die you don't go to the beginning of the game

I love how it dosen't make you go to the beginning of the game! Anyone agree? - lolingdog9000

The Contenders

11 Companion Cube

Love. - lolingdog9000

12 You don't die immediately at the first level
13 The unique characters and their personalities.

Don't forget GLaDOS and Wheatley. Those two are the best.

14 It is both creepy, funny, and sad

Portal 1 is the creepiest game I’ve ever played

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