Top Ten Best Things About the Game Portal

ever play portal? here are top ten things about that game!

The Top Ten

1 It has a great story

The story is great.. I don't know who would deny. - lolingdog9000

2 It's easy and fun to speedrun

Somebody did a speedrun in less than 15 minutes, top that

My best is 26:00 single segment.. getting better! - lolingdog9000

3 All of the voices are original

All of them except the turrets, the voices were made to be the same, besides that all of the voices are different! - lolingdog9000

4 Very little haters

Maybe 1 or 2 haters, that's how good this game is! - lolingdog9000

5 Portal has loads of easter eggs

The Easter bunny would REALLY enjoy this game.

Easter eggs never EVER stop! (and I mean never) - lolingdog9000

6 It's very famous

Its very very very famous indeed! - lolingdog9000

7 Its story is original

The story is so original, this list is unoriginal compared! (And I have never seen a list like this! ) - lolingdog9000

8 It's made by valve

Made by a very good company I only know for steam and portal... still good! - lolingdog9000

9 Its backstory was good too

You only get to the backstory when you play portal 2... still very fun though! - lolingdog9000

10 When you die you don't go to the beginning of the game

I love how it dosen't make you go to the beginning of the game! Anyone agree? - lolingdog9000

The Contenders

11 Companion Cube

Love. - lolingdog9000

12 You don't die immediately at the first level
13 The unique characters and their personalities.

Don't forget GLaDOS and Wheatley. Those two are the best.

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