Top Ten Best Things About Grandparents

I lost my grandfather a few weeks ago, so this is obviously very personal for me. However, I have no doubt that others will wish to share their own experiences.

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1 They influence you

My grandfather helped make me the person I am and will continue to develop into. A love of nature, a sense of humour, a fascination with history, and an appreciation for music are only a few things he instilled in me. - PetSounds

I remember my grandpa used to give me mini art lessons. I can only imagine how early I discovered I loved it. - keycha1n

My grandparents are nothing but hypocrites - CerealGuy

Definitely.They left such an impact on me! - UltimateHybridX

2 They're wise

While age does not necessarily make someone more wise than you, it certainly means they have more life experience. Listen--you'll learn. - PetSounds

3 They love you

Chances are, if they've already raised your parents, they'll be more than happy to help raise you. They see not only themselves in you, but also the other traits that make you different and unique. - PetSounds

They love me, and I love them to this very day. - Ninja_Potato123

I love my grandparents, but I do have to remind myself this a lot because they tend to show their love in...different ways. - keycha1n

4 They've seen the world change

My grandparents were all born before Germany invaded Poland. Think about the history they've experienced. - PetSounds

My grandparents were kids during the great depression and times before fridges existed - Ihateschool

When my grandparents lived during 1920-1925, India hadn't got independence - Animefan12

Mines had lived during WW2 and both of my grandfathers had actually fought during the war. - 906389

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5 They're patient

They're way more patient than my parents... - Therandom

6 They're like another set of parents

My grandparents are amazing people. They'll always look out for you. I love them, and I know they love me back. - Turkeyasylum

My friend was adopted by her grandparents after her parents were drug addicts. - AnonymousChick

7 They're generous

My grandparents never skimped (and those still living still don't) where their grandchildren were concerned. They've given me so many gifts, both tangible and intangible. - PetSounds

My grandparents are very generous. - nintendofan126

8 They're old-fashioned

I like this especially. They usually aren't caught up in things like technology, and it's nice just sitting down and playing checkers with them. - Minecraftcrazy530

I have fond memories of playing Chinese checkers and cribbage with them. - PetSounds

9 They let you be yourself

My grandfather and I didn't have much in common, but he often told me I was a fascinating individual. I wish there was a way I could've told him the same thing before he passed away. - PositronWildhawk

Every single relative has wholeheartedly supported my choice to do art. Which trust me, is something to be really grateful of with Chinese immigrant families.

Though I've had a couple tell me I should drop church. Lol - keycha1n

Because the generational gap between you and them is so great, they know you're growing up differently. But they never try to force you to be like them. - PetSounds

My grandparents always encouraged me to be myself. My grandma stood behind me on my animal rights choices. - ToptenPizza

10 They're quirky

About three months before he died, my 84-year-old grandfather became obsessed with Gatorade. He drank a bottle every day, and orange was his favourite.

Even though I'm an athlete, I hate the stuff. - PetSounds

My grandma loved to know about our family history. She was also obsessed with Native Americans and painting. I remember when she first got a Facebook account. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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11 They give you a couple of bucks
12 They'll be dead soon

Well, we all live once don't we? - Userguy44

This is sad unless u hate them - Ihateschool

13 Patience
14 They spoil you
15 They love you more than your parents
16 They aren't as overprotective as your parents
17 They like to have a good time as much as you do
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1. They love you
2. They're wise
3. They're like another set of parents
1. They're generous
2. They've seen the world change
3. They influence you
1. They influence you
2. They're wise
3. They love you


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