Best Things About Halsey


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1 Her Voice

Halsey's voice is very pleasing to my ears. - allamassal

Lol halseyislife your not her biggest fan I am I love sey-sey so much

Nice to see there is another Halsey fan up in here but I'm pretty sure that is me! - HalseyIsLife

I want her voice :(
I mean, listen to Eyes Closed Stripped.

2 Her Songs

I'd take songs like Bad At Love, Alone, Heaven in Hiding, or Colors any day over most of what you constantly hear on the radio. All of those are amazing songs in my opinion - allamassal

Best songs ever - HalseyIsLife

I mean, what’s better than Heaven In Hiding and Young God?

3 She is an Awesome Person

As a Halsey fan I'm not sure I exactly agree with this item... - allamassal

She thought shampoo was racist

4 She has so much potential

Of course she does. - allamassal

Who is she? Just asking.-LitSavage

5 She writes and sings her own songs

And I’m going to her concert in 109 days as of today

6 She is Not Annoying

Her songs are the opposite of annoying. - allamassal

Well, of course she isn’t.

7 She is not abusive
8 She loves her supporters
9 She is nice
10 She Is Not Fake
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