Top Ten Best Things About Harvey Beaks

The Top Ten

1 Harvey Himself

He is cute and make me wanna hug him.and his oldfriend Dade is fluffy and fat but,how harvey be dade's friend? Harvey Beaks song very awesome but the songs just have two that it is "we all love harvey"and"what'll I do" I hope it has new episodes and new songs about Harvey beaks

2 Good Writing
3 Funny
4 Good Music
5 Few Butt Jokes

Less butt jokes than Sanjay and Craig actually almost NO butt jokes just a little spitting

6 Sketched Backgrounds
7 Great Voices

The actors are child actors and sound cute.

What is harvey's voice when he sing?

8 No Photos Except On the Episode Title Cards
9 It's Heartwarming
10 It's Better Than the Amazing World of Gumball

LOL YOLO #SWAG=I agree - RyanMtheGamer

The Contenders

11 Great Stories
12 It's Better Than Most Shows On Nickelodeon
13 CH Greenblatt Is the Creator

He was the creator of Chowder, one of the best Cartoon Network shows ever.

14 It's Addicting

Plus Nickelodeon's Run By Asians Now, No Offense to Any Asian TopTens Users.

15 It's Watchable
16 It's Better Than Breadwinners
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