Best Things About Having Autism

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1 It makes you who you are

If I stopped being autistic, I would no longer be me. I would lose so much of my passion, creativity, and unique thinking. I would lose what makes me an acclaimed writer. I don't want to be a different person. Being myself is just fine.

Yes, it does make me who I am. If I lost all my autism, I would no longer have a sense of humor, as much intelligence as I do, or anything special about me. I would just be dull, a bleak person.

Most of the Items on this list is just something that would work for EVERYTHING.There should be Items like "you can see more details" or "you can remember names easier".

I'm autistic and I have a GREAT personality and sense of humor. My relatives all love me because of it.

2 You could posses great abilities

Not to be boasting, but I am pretty much a walking, talking encyclopedia because of this. I know a lot of music bands, random facts, etc. I can memorize things extremely well, to the point where it's like photogenic memory. These fact- checking habits are one of the things that interest me the most, and it's probably because highly functional individuals have that savant like ability to have a knowledge on everything. It helps that I have ADHD, which fuels my interests. I'm not trying to put anything down; I'm no different from any other person who's not autistic. But I just wanted to share this out ( on this list).

I have an amazing memory. I can remember family events, vacations, and the exact dates and times that certain things occurred. I even remember food that was served during certain family gatherings and also the people present and things that occurred, even though it occurred YEARS ago.

I wish I could remember academic stuff THAT well, too...

True true. I remember that one man who was mentally retarded or autistic and is a living human encyclopedia, as in he could answer almost any question about anything in the world and he would know the answer. Dang incredible!

I have good intelligence. And sometimes I feel like I have some sort of creepy powers (but I probably don't)

3 You enjoy YouTube poops

Possibly only original item on this list. Almost nobody anticipated this, but when you look at in-depth, you see that yet a large ever-growing userbase almost solely made up of autists are dedicated to making this type of content.
Nonetheless, their diverse quality which allows it to outrange a galery of modern art in reality represents the range of possible combinations of autism where a social retard & artistic genius could be found shaped into one person.

Not really. Most of them are way too repetitive and that gets really annoying.

I used to watch youtube poop toys gone wild all the time it was a classic back in 2007 2008

I have aspergers and enjoy them but a LOT of people without it love watching Youtube Poops

4 You're unique, not different

Aren't those synonyms? What's wrong with being different anyways?

Technically, they're not synonyms.

Hitler was unique too

What? If you're unique, you're per deffinition defferent!

5 It makes you special
6 You have a special brain that works differently than everyone else's

As someone who suffers from autism, I know this for a fact. I think a lot differently than others. I'm really weird because when I look at numbers or recite numbers, I see colors, shapes, and patterns. Is this something to worry about?

Yes but you don't think different from me I have autism too

No you don't have a different brain you just know more.

Rock fashionista you have synesthesia

7 You will not feel alone: 1 in 68 people have autism
8 TheTopTens lists are made about you

Cringy lists.
Thank God they don't have them for dyspraxia.
Its not dyslexia but people can have both.
Not everyone is clumsy like down the stairs, just falling over. I was diagnosed starting primary school. Then I had to learn to learn to hop and jump.
I could never climb trees, use rollerblades, swim.

Ugh, no. Most of them are rather offensive.

Most of them are rude though.

Actualy I think I feel hurt when I see lists with autism.

9 It makes you feel more proud of who you are

I'm exact opposite as proud.

This isn’t true at all for me. Before I was 13, I refused to tell anyone I had it because I didn’t want them to think differently of me and even now at 15, it still makes me feel insecure.

10 You can think more logical

Um...wrong. I put creativity onto logic.

I like how they use bad grammar for this. 😆
by the way, I am autistic.

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11 A lot of famous people have autism

Albert einstein didn't speak until he was 6

Wrong reason

12 Special Ed

No this this horrible! I took special ed in high school, and the teacher treated me like an idiot!

Yeah it was helpful, but some teachers I had were a little strict

No that is the worst thing.

13 Most savants are autistic

Savant = smart scientist. :D

14 You are sometimes mysterious

My friend is autistic just like me and I remember one time at his school, the cafeteria lady brought her daughter because she had a P.A. day and the school didn't say she could bring her. It was a little girl, maybe 4 or 5 years old and he thought that she was cute. He was telling her, "Do you wanna go to my house and meet Gabrielle? Gabrielle is my cousin and I know she's going to have a lot of fun with you." My friend's helper then told him, "You can't take her home with you. She belongs with her own family. How would you like it if you were taken to someone else's home away from your family? Would you feel upset?" He remembered this day like it was yesterday and just thought the little girl was so cute. He was also saying that she should bring this little girl more often. Now, every day at school, he always goes to the cafeteria lady at lunch and the first thing he tells her is, "Bring your daughter" He just has every excuse in the book for the lady to ...more

Some kids like me, I sometimes don't notice them, but sometimes they say things I'm familiar with which is sooo cool

15 Your intelligence may be higher than average

Not boring but same with the work, on a usual occasion

Why do I worry about math so much? because it’s boring but I end up doing homework before I go home.

16 You can be really good at certain things

I love acting. There is nothing on planet Earth I love more. Due to my "advanced" memory, I can memorize things faster. That helps me a ton.

Don’t let others bring you down! You are just as capable of having skills and talents as they have. Look at Albert Einstein (scientist) or Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) for example.

Memory is my specialty

17 You act like a little kid

So do most non-autistic people though.

18 You're less judgemental.

That’s not always true. I’ve met many autistic people throughout the years and although most of them are less judgemental, a few were probably some of the most judgemental in my classes.

19 Having an IEP.

This is one that I can agree with. At my school, kids with IEPs get double the time everyone else does to do a test/exam and the option to write it outside of the classroom.

And that's not always a good thing

Great that sounds awesome (not).

I ate IEPs. They make me self conscious.

20 You never grow out of your childhood Video Games,TV Shows,Toys.etc

I had a friend who never grew out of Barney.I had another friend who never grew out of Diapers.One of my friends earned his nickname because he never grew out of his Thomas train.I never grew out of my own Video Games or T.V. Shows.Other Students think I am weird because I like Nintendo and the fact that I do not like the PlayStation Brand name

I am autistic and I have grown out a lot of my childhood stuff

I grew out of most of my childhood stuff, some took awhile, bearstain bears took awhile for me to grow out of, and I still like spongebob and talking tom and ben, I probably never grow out of most video games I played since a kid

I never grew out of my Nintendo love

21 Your interests are concentrated more.

I’m autistic and I have a wide variety of interests.

22 It makes you a genius

I'm autistic and I'm very smart/intelligent but I'm no savant!

23 Your friends support you

You don't need friends that are immature

"You don't need friends that immature"
get off this list

24 You can be hyper empathetic.

A lot of us feel things very strongly. For me personally, I'm 99% super I'm a hyperempathetic autistic. I often CANNOT STAND to see people or animals in distress. Whenever someone cries, I feel like crying. I'm also a theatre major, so it sort of becomes applicable to that.

Because I am a genius I cannot tell you why

25 You are not expected to grow up too fast

I'm 26 and I am still trying to figure out how to be an adult but due to my autism I still think and act like a little kid/teen sometimes. My relatives help me with it and they are OK and they accept the fact that I'm still having difficulty transitioning from teenager to adulthood.

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