Top Ten Best Things About Hershey Park


The Top Ten

1 Skyrush Skyrush

This Coaster Is INSANE! - JPK

I agree it rocks - BoyGenius234


2 The Clean Atmosphere

Very Beautiful Park - JPK

3 The Friendly Staff

The Staff Is Really Nice - JPK

That's good to hear - SweetBasil

4 Stormrunner Stormrunner

This Coaster Is Amazing - JPK

5 Chocolate World Chocolate World

SO MUCH To Do From The Chocolate Factory Tour, To Making Your Own Candy Bar, Shopping, The Great Chocolate Factory Mystery In 4D, etc - JPK

This was boring. It's just a factory tour on how to make chocolate. I like the park next door WAY better.

Chocolate... chocolate... CHOCOLATE... CHOCOLATE! - PeeledBanana

6 The Boardwalk The Boardwalk

Great Waterpark - JPK

7 The Food

Pretty Yummy - JPK

8 Lightning Racer Lightning Racer

One Of The Best Wooden Coasters Out There - JPK

9 The Amount Of Family Rides

Which Makes It Perfect For Everyone - JPK

10 Christmas Candylane Christmas Candylane

Held From Early November Until New Years Day - JPK

The Contenders

11 Great Bear
12 Sidewinder
13 Fahrenheit
14 Wildcat
15 Admission is Cheaper Than Disneyland

I paid like $40 to go here (we also had discount coupons). I paid $100 for Disneyland admission.

16 Tidal Force
17 The Carousel

It's a classic PTC

18 More healthy than Walt Disney World

Not really. This place's specialty food item is CHOCOLATE. They put it on literally EVERYTHING. I heard that they even put chocolate in stuff like pizza and BBQ sauce.

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