Top Ten Best Things About Hershey Park


The Top Ten

1 Skyrush Skyrush


This Coaster Is INSANE! - JPK

I agree it rocks - BoyGenius234

2 The Clean Atmosphere

Very Beautiful Park - JPK

3 The Friendly Staff

The Staff Is Really Nice - JPK

That's good to hear - SweetBasil

4 Stormrunner Stormrunner

This Coaster Is Amazing - JPK

5 Chocolate World Chocolate World

This was boring. It's just a factory tour on how to make chocolate. I like the park next door WAY better.

SO MUCH To Do From The Chocolate Factory Tour, To Making Your Own Candy Bar, Shopping, The Great Chocolate Factory Mystery In 4D, etc - JPK

Chocolate... chocolate... CHOCOLATE... CHOCOLATE! - PeeledBanana

6 The Boardwalk The Boardwalk

Great Waterpark - JPK

7 The Food

Pretty Yummy - JPK

8 Lightning Racer Lightning Racer

One Of The Best Wooden Coasters Out There - JPK

9 The Amount of Family Rides

Which Makes It Perfect For Everyone - JPK

10 Christmas Candylane Christmas Candylane

Held From Early November Until New Years Day - JPK

The Newcomers

? They have tram cars in the parking lot
? It’s Near Lancaster

The Contenders

11 Great Bear
12 Sidewinder
13 Fahrenheit
14 Wildcat
15 Admission is Cheaper Than Disneyland

I paid like $40 to go here (we also had discount coupons). I paid $100 for Disneyland admission.

16 Tidal Force
17 The Carousel

It's a classic PTC

18 More healthy than Walt Disney World

Not really. This place's specialty food item is CHOCOLATE. They put it on literally EVERYTHING. I heard that they even put chocolate in stuff like pizza and BBQ sauce.

19 The Chocolate The Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.
20 They do not over-advertise
21 Chocolate World is a Chinese Tour Bus Magnet

Every Northeastern US tour itinerary advertised by Chinese tour companies ALWAYS includes a stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World

22 It is 2 Hours from Philadelphia
23 Nice People
24 It’s Fun
25 Giant Candy Bars
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