Top Ten Best Things About High School


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21 Pretty Girls

This is something every boy looks forward to!

22 Learning New Things
23 AP Chemistry
24 School Camps
25 Graduation

The sooner I can leave the better

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26 Bigger School
27 AP Physics
28 English Class
29 Popular Girls

They are bueatiful, I have a crush on a few. I'm popular so that shouldn't be a big problem. Plus, I listen to rock and metal and everyone knows, I'm not excluded or hated. Some just make fun of you because you are annoying or are a snitch. Where I go to school, the alright kinds of nerds aren't made fun of, but aren't talked to or about much.

At my school these are the girls that: exclude people, judge people, swear, often dislike church, get in trouble, make fun of you, and cause a lot of drama. One of the worst parts of high school

I really do not understand why people do not like popular girls. If they were so mean, how would they be popular? - Kaboom

Not at all...most of them are annoying and just make fun of you all the time if you aren't in their little group of friends. And they really only care about popularity and are very shallow people it seems. - Element119

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30 Play Time

The never ending Jungle Gym's and Parks and Tag... Awesome.

31 Being Independent and Going to School with Friends

You can be more independent and go to school with friends by bus or train

32 People
33 Electives
34 Preparing You for the Real World
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