Best Things About Hope the Heart (Bob the Bones Best Friend)

The Top Ten

1 Hope the Heart has a kind Heart

That means she's a kind heart because she is one. - funnyuser

2 Hope the Heart Is friends with Bob the Bone

I really like Bob the Bone.
And hello, Hope the Heart, nice to meet you! - Kiteretsunu

3 She has awesomeness
4 She loves people

Well, she sounds like a really nice person! - NerdyPweeps

5 She wishes she could go somewhere else
6 She has the hardest job of all
7 She loves cats

I have no idea why. - funnyuser

8 She tries to wear a smile, but of course she can't
9 She tries to get stronger
10 She tries to do everything a human can do, but she can't because she's a heart
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