Top Ten Best Things About Htoutlaws2012

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1 He is remix king

A lot say that ht only cares about quantity. But I've seen a lot of good remixes of his. Plus TTT needs a user to reach Everest. No one in this 11 years has done it. So wouldn't it be a great achievement for TTT if he reaches to Everest?

I am sick of people not understanding the difference between quality and quantity. Evilangel is the remix king. The end.

He's the only user to ever top Alexandr in remixes.

I love how his remixes have both quality and quantity.

2 He has the highest member score
3 He is nice
4 He is very helpful
5 He likes heavy metal
6 His content
7 He inspired lots of users
8 His comments
9 A lot of high quality lists are by him
10 He has good music taste
The Contenders
11 He is hard working
12 His lists
13 He follows a lot of people

First couple hours, I got my first follower. If you're reading this htoutlaws2012, thanks a ton for the welcome!

14 He is resourceful
15 He’s mature and talks like he’s sophisticated
16 He is cool
17 His takes on American football
18 His images uploads on lists

I have seen only few users who uploaded more than 1k images

19 His Personality
20 He's friendly
21 His rare use of Roman Numerals
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