Top Ten Best Things About Hunting

The Top Ten Best Things About Hunting

1 Provides Food

Meat is delicious. - InfinateSuperstorm

Crazy vegans will object to this. - Vancedapurpleguy

PETA is coming - ElSherlock

Should be Number 1! Meat is delicious! Screw you PETA!

2 Keeps the Population In Control

Animal populations were already under control before humans interfered. The only population that is out of control is the human population.

Here is a perfect example of an anti-human, who probably supports eugenics, abortion and sterilization. And by the way, there are plenty of animals that are overpopulated and are a real problem (wild hogs in Texas, rabbits in Australia, for example).

Just no Fox Hunting okay.

3 Memories
4 It's Fun to Be In Nature
5 Can Have Fun With Friends and Family
6 Trophies
7 Remarkable marksmanship
8 Teaches survival skills in the wilderness
9 Can stay in a cabin or lodge during hunts
10 Control the Predator Population

The Contenders

11 The Bible Said You Can Hunt

It also says you can have slaves.

It doesn't say you can have slaves. It just acknowledges how life was a very long time ago (something people today will never be able to really understand). That's just how life was thousands of years ago. People had slaves.

If your a Christian then you know what I mean - firewolf5

12 Hunters Fund Wildlife Management and Conservation

That’s very true. I always wonder why so many environmentalist things rip on hunting. - someguyintheworld

State wildlife agencies could not survive without hunters’ financial contributions. Hunting- related spending supports wildlife agencies through license sales and they excise taxes on hunting equipment. For over 70 years, hunters, trappers, and anglers have provided nearly 70 % of the financial funding that supports conservation and wildlife management. If hunting ceased, who would pay for wildlife management and conservation? PETA? Environmentalists? I think not. They're too busy stripping down and running through the streets with anti-hunting signs or complaining about Mario's Tanooki suit.

13 It is fun

Something a crazy person would say

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