Top Ten Best Things About Hunting


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1 Keeps the Population In Control

Animal populations were already under control before humans interfered. The only population that is out of control is the human population.

Here is a perfect example of an anti-human, who probably supports eugenics, abortion and sterilization. And by the way, there are plenty of animals that are overpopulated and are a real problem (wild hogs in Texas, rabbits in Australia, for example).

2 Provides Food

Hunting puts food on the table

3 Memories
4 Can Have Fun With Friends and Family
5 It's Fun to Be In Nature
6 Control the Predator Population
7 The Bible Said You Can Hunt

If your a Christian then you know what I mean - firewolf5

It also says you can have slaves.

It doesn't say you can have slaves. It just acknowledges how life was a very long time ago (something people today will never be able to really understand). That's just how life was thousands of years ago. People had slaves.

8 Hunters Fund Wildlife Management and Conservation

State wildlife agencies could not survive without hunters’ financial contributions. Hunting- related spending supports wildlife agencies through license sales and they excise taxes on hunting equipment. For over 70 years, hunters, trappers, and anglers have provided nearly 70 % of the financial funding that supports conservation and wildlife management. If hunting ceased, who would pay for wildlife management and conservation? PETA? Environmentalists? I think not. They're too busy stripping down and running through the streets with anti-hunting signs or complaining about Mario's Tanooki suit.

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