Top 10 Best Things About Ice Hockey

Hockey is my favourite sport, I'M A HOCKEY FANATIC, so here are reasons why hockey is a good sport

The Top Ten Best Things About Ice Hockey

1 It's a Contact Sport

You gotta be tough to play the sport - EpicHorrorMaster

2 It's Played On Ice
3 It Has a Very Balanced Pace
4 Best Fans

Espi cally Predators

5 Interesting History
6 It's a Multi Skill Sport

I've played rugby, baseball, american football and hockey... hockey by far the most difficult... hockey is usually ranked 2nd to boxing in overall difficulty. Amazing game... pros so good you forget they're on ice.

7 It's a Team Driven Sport
8 The Sheer Speed
9 It's Very Intense
10 The Fighting

Haha yes - Jonerman

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