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1 See anything, anytime

Search a video about two chicken fighting. Here you go! Search a funny story about doors. Okay!
Search a picture of a puppy in an office. 10000 results.
The internet has everything! - imsosexy112

2 Chatting and meeting people

Easiest way to meet people is the internet and also chatting with them virtually is really fun. - imsosexy112

3 Porn

I used to be a pervert. But I lost interest.

4 Flash games

Yeah! I love flash games like, super smash flash 2, and portal flash!

You're too poor to afford a video game from the market or your PC is wooden? Flash games are the best way to keep you occupied. - imsosexy112

5 People can express their opinion.
6 Fandoms
7 Things are much easier

You don't need to go to that shop that is like 1 hour away just to buy a t shirt. Just order it online - imsosexy112

8 Sites like TheTopTens

Here I'm not a$$kissing or anything. This website is great because you see the opinions of hundreds of people in these tops. Now I know how much people prefer other things than me and why. - imsosexy112

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9 It can have a huge effect on the world
10 It is a huge time saver

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11 You forget about the annoying things/people in your life
12 TV Replacement

Screw you, T.V. , no more electric bills on you! I'm gonna watch the movie then the match on my computer. - imsosexy112

13 Getting to Know New Things
14 Memes

Memes ARE the internet. If I see another "good guy Greg" or some random picture of a guy with and evil look and the text "bend over, touch your toes, and let me show you where the monster goes" I'm gonna marry the internet - imsosexy112

15 It is educational
16 It is entertaining
17 Anonymously Trolling People
18 You can meet new people
19 Information
20 Allows you to escape reality
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1. People can express their opinion.
2. Fandoms
3. It can have a huge effect on the world
1. See anything, anytime
2. Chatting and meeting people
3. Flash games



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