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41 She's a Go-To Singer for Special Events

Jackie delivered wonderful renditions of "My Heart Will Go On" and "Somewhere" for the National Memorial Day Concert in D.C. She also sang the Towering Song Award winner "Over the Rainbow" at the Songwriters' Hall of Fame Awards. - BobG

42 She has done concerts in Canada, the UK, Japan, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.

Add Thailand to the list. and her concert there was with Andrea Bocelli no less!

Now in Italy too, and again with the great Andrea Bocelli.

43 She sang onstage with Andrea Bocelli
44 She Has a Cult That Follows Her

Along with some pretty obsessive hater/stalkers, who dog every mention of her on Top Tens and elsewhere. They seem completely unable to just ignore her if they don't like her music, and will even go to the last page of a long obscure list on TTT to leave snide comments.

Also stalker/haters who can be relentless sometimes.

The main stalkers are SelfDestruct and Comparisans, who are the same person, and they also log in anonymously.

She also has a cult that worships her. - Swellow

45 She's Very Young
46 Her Songs' Lyrics
47 Her Innocence
48 She Is a Regular Kid When Not On Stage

A regular kid that has eighty websites dedicated to her?

49 She's a Better Role Model than Justin Bieber

Who, besides Nicki Minaj, isn't? - 906389

50 She has performed in concert with Andrea Bocelli twice
51 She sang "Ave Maria" for The Pope
52 She Recorded a Duet With Placido Domingo
53 She's Inspirational
54 Not Everyone Likes Her
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1. She's Talented
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3. She Doesn't Use Autotune

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