Best Things About Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool ( is a web-based service for organizing tasks and projects with online Kanban boards and virtual cards. It is based on the Kanban method that has been introduced to software development by David Anderson and utilized by project managers all around the world. Kanban Tool follows the trend of visual project management that aims at visualizing and optimizing workflow. Additionally, the tool supports real-time team collaboration that allows team to work faster. Here, I would like to present my top ten favorite Kanban Tool functionalists and features.

The Top Ten Best Things About Kanban Tool

1 Workflow visibility

First off all, Kanban Tool gives me clarity and visibility of my project's progress. I can use colors, icons, swimlanes, tags and due dates to visualize my work to do. - patritia_bure

2 Real-time collaboration

The application allows to collaborate in real-time with your friends, team members and customers. You can share folders, boards and documents, get email notifications (for task assignments and comments) as well as you can add tasks and comments via email. - patritia_bure

3 Intuitiveness

The tool is easy to learn and use. It took me just a few minutes to start. - patritia_bure

4 Simplicity

Simple design, clear menu and drag & drop interface. - patritia_bure

5 Customization

The application allows you to adjust Kanban boards and cards that they exactly meet your needs. - patritia_bure

6 Flexible & affordable pricing

I use Kanban Tool for personal purposes - for free. At my company we use unlimited plan with a volume discount. Everybody can find something for himself (non-profit pricing or on-site secure version). - patritia_bure

7 Analytics

Kanban Tool allows me to constantly monitor and improve my workflow. The tool offers cumulative flow diagram, lead & cycle time diagram and breakdown charts. - patritia_bure

8 Integrations

I particularly like Add task button Chrome extension for Kanban Tool, Zapier and Gogle Calendar integrations. But there are many other options. - patritia_bure

9 Security
10 Support

Support Team at Kanban Tool is incredible. You can ask them questions via email or LiveChat. They are always willing to help. - patritia_bure

The Contenders

11 Time tracking and time reports

Kanban Tool is the first Kanban board with build-in seamless Time Tracking and Time Reports. - patritia_bure

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