Top Ten Best Things About Lego the Chronicles of Narnia

Lego The Chronicles of Narnia will be a game featuring over 200 characters and over 20 missions as you battle your way through Narnia to defeat enemies as Peter,Susan,Edmund and Lucy and more!This game will be sold for £34.99 $39.99 and will be available on Playstation
3,Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstion 4,Xbox one and The Nintendo 3DS.This Game would be sold at Game,Asda,Amazon,Toys r us and more.

The Top Ten

1 Characters

This... this is genius! - ProPanda

Over 200 Characters Including Asland,Prince Caspian,Bager,The white Queen,Mr Tumnus and of course your sons of Adam and daughters of Eve Peter,Susan,Edmund and Lucy your hero's of Narnia. Building your own charter will be fun and enjoyable as I always has been. - Ollie

2 Missions

Over 20 Missions but are full of excitement and fun. Story's such as The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader and many bonus missions all around Narnia to be found To unlock Characters and 125 of Aslands shields to find and collect. - Ollie

3 Free Roam

Free Roam will be unlocked after you finish the first story then you get to explore the wonders of Narnia but not just the Magic land but also the Old proffers House,A small area of the four kings and Queens home (London) and The train Station. - Ollie

4 Red Bricks

Like Aslands shields,Red bricks can be found around Narnia and other areas and also levels. After you have found these you can buy them to help you in you adventures like invincibility,x2 to x10
multiplier,Attract Studs,Disguises,Fast build,Shield Detector,Quest Detector, 2nd player verses. - Ollie

5 Bonus Missions

Including bonus missions for achieving characters and "Asland shields" (150 of them), including characters who need you to fight or build or collect to unlock them but don't worry the will be some laughs in these bonus levels. - Ollie

6 Vehicles

In the game you can unlock vehicles there will be 5 water vehicles and 10 land vehicle's. Land vehicles will include horses and other animals. Although he isn't a vehicle you can ride Asland. Water vehicle's will include The Dawn Treader. - Ollie

7 Minikits

Like any other Lego game there will be 10 mini kits in every mission. Once you have got all 10 minikits from a mission you will get to build a mini version of your mission once you have got every single one you will have created little Narnia showing a montage of all your work. - Ollie

8 Practice Zone

In certain areas there are places called practise zone were you get to improve on you sword work,your bow aiming and fighting. This hasn't been done before but I'm sure it will be enjoyable for everyone. - Ollie

9 Fight for Narnia

In some quest with special characters you will do a battle quest were you join a army and defeat certain enemies,once you have won you will get a piece of armour that you can were. - Ollie

10 Blacksmith

With the blacksmith option you can collect objects to build like seen in Lego Lord of the rings but with this you will have to save people to win these objects, and with these you can build your own weapons and use them against enemies. - Ollie

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