Top Ten Best Things About the List "Reasons Adventure Time Is Better Then Ebola

I'm serious stop hating on my list's especially this one

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1 It says Adventure Time is the better

Can you please stop praising yourself and your lists? - EpicJake

Try making Rihanna is better than Sanjay and craig - TheKirbyCreeper999

Modesty, please. :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

That's for sure! It's the best show ever and doesn't kill you.marceline gets me emotional.

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2 It has good reasons

Yeah right. Your lists have the dumbest comparisons ever, especially the adventure time and Ebola one. - Therandom

Nate awesomeness your so right,big hero 6 is way better then frozen

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3 It is entertaining

Such an entertainment to us all. The total thrill of this list is too much for me to handle. The greatness has lifted me into the sky, away from the haters. As I glide toward freedom, there is one thing on my mind: people mightn't know that cartoons are better than diseases nowadays...we need a list! - Puga

Ebola is painfull sothat's not entertaining,but adventure time is dumb so that's not entertaining rither

Ah dangit I was going to make a sarcastic reasons why the AT>Ebola list was great. - CerealGuy

4 It is legit

It's a lot more legit than Fox News. - SuperHyperdude

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5 It is awesome
6 It's so bad it's good

I know right this list makes me feel freedom,and the overjoyed flight to the air and this list is...broken as a broken disc - CerealGuy

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7 It's just bad. Really, really bad
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