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21 Luan

She's the person who always say joke.

She's a little annoying she never says anything that isn't a joke

Screw her cringy jokes. - AinezoChan

22 Better than Star vs. the Forces of Evil

More Thumbs Down - RyanMtheGamer

NOPE! Star vs. the Forces of Evil is way better. Star rules and Loud House drools! - AinezoChan

23 Comedic moments

What comedic moments? - MrMonkey

24 Better than the Amazing World of Gumball

Now I give that reason a thumbs up - RyanMtheGamer


Naw no

TAWOG sucks and so does TLH - AinezoChan

25 Better than every other cartoon in the entire galaxy

Maybe not all cartoons - RyanMtheGamer

The 7D is better, not this junk! - AinezoChan

26 Lucy
27 Helps bring Nick back to its glory

This harvey beaks and spongebob are binging nick back to its glory and this surpasses Steven universe - epictoonsfan1

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28 Chris Savino is the show's creator

To be honest, I do like a lot of his work. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

29 Luan saying "What's true for us isn't going to be true for every girl. We're not all the same."
30 It's tolerable
31 It has likeable characters
32 It's not filled with potty humor

Ummm, I'm sorry, but it is. - hannafechik98

33 There's a gay couple in the show

Two gay dads (interracial marriage to top it all off) and one of the loud sisters is gay as well. - MrLoser

I do agree with that. - hannafechik98

34 It's entertaining

More like dull - AinezoChan

35 It's fun

More like boring - AinezoChan

36 It's better than Harvey Beaks

This and Harvey Beaks Are Both Great. But They're Better Than Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners.

37 Cartoonish humor
38 The Loud family
39 Great parody of sitcoms
40 Lily

She is the cutest baby ever I just wanna hug her - MrMonkey

Nah, she stinks - AinezoChan

In my opinion maggie is cyter than lilly - epictoonsfan1

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1. It has some 2000s vibe
2. Amazing graphics
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