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41 Lily

She is the cutest baby ever I just wanna hug her - MrMonkey

Nah, she stinks - AinezoChan

In my opinion maggie is cyter than lilly - epictoonsfan1

42 Better than Adventure Time

Well it's better then seasons 6-present

AT sucks and so does TLH. - AinezoChan

43 Better than Wander Over Yonder

Wander over Yonder is much better. You clearly never watched it. - AinezoChan

44 Better than Harvey Beaks
45 Leni

In The many sides of Lincoln loud, Leni kept saying Wait I forgot something". She needs to learn to plan ahead.

Ugh! I hate this brat with a passion! She's too dumb and oblivious, and a rip off of Lindsay from Total Drama! - AinezoChan

46 Some very funny jokes
47 Lily Crying
48 Lori Loud Lori Loud

Lori is one of the WORST things, to my opinion. She reminds me of caillou

No mr Krabs is better - epictoonsfan1

49 The mysteries
50 No toilet humor

That's wrong, lily always poops herself - MrMonkey

51 Good morals
52 It's funny
53 The story
54 Character development
55 Lincoln is a fantastic protagonist
56 It's created by Chris Savino

Chris Savino is a lowlife - AinezoChan

57 The episode plots are smart

Actually, they're stupid and cringeworthy. Especially The Sweet Spot. All the episode is about is Lincoln finding a seat in the van and his sisters find out and fight! What maniacs fight for a car seat and lose their shoe in a fight? - AinezoChan

58 Lily Loud Lily Loud
59 Clyde's obsession with Lori

It's cringe - AinezoChan

60 It's creative
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1. It has some 2000s vibe
2. Amazing graphics
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2. It has some 2000s vibe
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1. It has some 2000s vibe
2. Amazing graphics
3. Good theme song



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