Top Ten Best Things About Ludwig Von Koopa


The Top Ten

1 He's handsome He's handsome

Ludwig sucks.

Ludwig - the best of luck.

2 His hair
3 His voice

His new voice followed me on instagram but I will always like his sexy 1st voice

I think his voice is mostly gay

His voice in Mario Kart 8 is horrible - Randomator

I've heard so many people think Ludwig's voice in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is sexy. They are correct.

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4 His name
5 He's the most fun to draw

He’s easy to draw because he’s mostly all hair

6 Best Koopaling appearance
7 Original design

But all 7 are copy and paste Bowser Jrs

8 Best personality
9 His color scheme
10 His shell


The Contenders

11 His intelligence
12 He was named after Ludwig van Beethoven
13 He's the oldest koopaling
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