Top 10 Best Things About Luigi's Balloon World in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has recieved free DLC, which includes the awesomne minigame Luigi's Balloon World. Here are the best things about it.

This list might include some |SPOILERS| So procced with caution.

The Top Ten

1 It's Really Entertaining

It is for all the reasons below this.

When I first found out DLC had been released I started playinhg Super Mario Odyssey as fast as I could. I had so much fun with Balloon World! In fact, I almost forgot what Super Mario Odyssey was all about! And that should tell you something. Hiding balloons has a blast! And finding ballons was fun too! - darthvadern

2 It's Exciting

It's really exciting to hide balloons, and wonder if someone will find it. And it's really exciting to find a balloon too. - darthvadern

3 You Can Win Coins

If you find a balloon you will get coins! Ok, it costs coins to play Find It but still, you get more coins than you pay coins! - darthvadern

4 Luigi Is The Host Luigi Is The Host


I love hearing his calm voice and his tutorials. Even though I found it unnecessary for him to be it (I believe his in the game because of the fans), I liked that he was in the game. - darthvadern

5 The Time Changes Depending On What Kingdom You're Playing In

For example, Cascade Kingdom turns into night, Sand Kingdom turns into sunset and more, and more, not al kingdoms change but most do. - darthvadern

6 It's The Main Reason You Continue To Explore Kingdoms You Already Have Completed

I, for example have already completed Cascade, Sand, Wooded, Cloud, Lost, Snow and Ruined Kingdom. But thanks to Balloon World I return to kingdoms I already have completed 100%. - darthvadern

7 It Requires Thinking

It does require some thinking. - darthvadern

8 The Balloon Has Your Nintendo Switch User Avatar On It

I just love it. - darthvadern

9 It's Never Gets Boring

Filler entry - darthvadern

10 It Is Fun

Filler entry - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 It doesn't require Nintendo Switch Online

Or at least it didn't last I checked. Correct me if I'm wrong. - TheAwesomeBowser

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