Top 10 Best Things About Luigi


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1 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
2 Luigi's Mansion
3 He's a trained professional Ghostbuster
4 The Death Stare from Mario Kart 8
5 Runs faster and jumps (even) higher than Mario does
6 The Mario & Luigi series
7 That one scene in Brawl where he was scared out of his mind by a Waddle Dee
8 Weegee
9 His final smash in Brawl
10 He's adorable

The Contenders

11 L Is Real
12 Super Luigi Galaxy
13 Giant Luigi from Dream Team
14 His mustache
15 Managing to successfully beat Bowser in a one-on-one clash of the titans in Dream Team
16 Has the best personality of the four Mario brothers by far
17 That one scene in Dream Team where he pulls his cap down over his head like a total badass
18 He's saved Mario from certain death on numerous occasions
19 The Sockop segment from Bowser's Inside Story
20 The Bros. Attacks from Superstar Saga
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