Best Things About March Break

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1 No school

Amazing! School is torture.

Why enjoying school free days come on I want to be stimulated/Absolutely Not! I want to study quantum mechanics,use the higher form of imagination/creativity,and I want to ride my bike at sacred locations- Kevinsidis

2 You can sleep in
3 More time for music

The 20th century music is fine for me Only! - Kevinsidis

I listen to music every day. I listen to all of Halsey’s songs and some by Imagine Dragons, 21 Pilots, and Maroon 5!

4 You have time to just chill
5 No more uniforms

Uniforms? you go to one of thos privat schools do ya? - judo8alex

6 More time to play sports

I don’t play sports, but more time to do stuff you like.

Ehhh I'm a nerd so I want to grasp in the layers of quantum mechanics and relativity and more,and mostly more relaxing is riding my bike in sacred locations even I never ride my bike at my neighborhood and I have to ride with my dad for safety to have access to the neighborhood by this type of transportation �"- Kevinsidis

7 More time to socialize
8 More time on TheTopTens


9 You can go on vacation without getting work to do

Unless, of course, your mean teacher gives you a lot of homework.

10 You can watch more hockey

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11 It starts to get warm outside
12 Snow starts to melt
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