Best Things About the Mario & Luigi Series

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey was released in Europe today, on January 25th of 2019, so I will be celebrating the excellent video game series this game is part of: Mario & Luigi. Ill be looking at the best things about this video game series as I really love it, at the moment I'm making this list I have Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., so keep in mind that the other two games I did not mention I have not played yet. But eh I'm able to do this list anyway. Anyways time for a new catchphrase. Here's the list!

The Top Ten

1 The Originality In The Games

This video game series is hands down one of my favourite video game series of all time! Of course, I think Quest For Glory is slightly better, but the Mario & Luigi series is hands down the best mario series! All of the games in this series of five games are so original and some of the most original mario games of all time (with the exclusion of Paper Jam which was disappointing in terms of creativity but it was still a fun game). I haven't played Bowser's Inside Story yet, but I'm been studying it and Bowser's Inside Story is the most original hands down because the whole concept of having one screen controlling Bowser and the other scren you control the mario bros. inside Bowser's belly! That's just through the roof! Dream Team is such an original masterpiece as well, and my favourite of the three games I have played so far. The whole dream aspect is just awesome and very original, and it's done in such a great way! Superstar Saga isn't as creative as the two I mentioned, but it ...more - darthvadern

2 The Soundtracks Are Excellent

While I haven't played BiS or PiT yet, I've played the other three games. The soundtracks are excellent! Superstar Saga has the weakest of the three, but songs like Bowser's Castle, Final Cackletta Battle, Cackletta Battle, Beanbean Fields, Battle and Bowletta Battle prove that this game still has tons of excellent songs! Paper Jam, while a weaker game, has stronger soundtrack! Mountaintop Secrets, Forest Fairy Melody and Big Bang! alone could beat the whole of Superstar Saga's soundtrack! Now as for Dream Team, it's even better! It might actually have the best selection of soundtracks in any mario game (excluding Super Mario Galaxy)! Pi'illo Castle and Somnon Woods, both their real world and dream world counterparts are among the best songs I've ever heard! Just a big W for the series! - darthvadern

3 The Worst Mario & Luigi Game is Still a Good Game

Comparing Mario & Luigi to Paper Mario is almost absurd, because while both are RPG series consisting of a total of five games, one of them has all great games while the other one has one of the worst mario games ever made (Stickee Star). I haven't played BiS or PiT, but I have been looking at them a bit and they seem like great games as well! Paper Jam is viewed as the worst of the series, which I own, but both me and the fanbase claims it to be a fun game still - darthvadern

4 Each Game Shows Something New and Different

So I haven't played BiS or PiT but I'll be looking at them too because I know what they are about though. But this is something I really love about the series as all of the games have something new that make the mstand out from one and another. Superstar Saga has pherhaps the most twists that are excellent and the clever story which is just way too unique, plus considering that all the locations fit with each other. Partners in Time has a time travelling story where you control four characters (Mario, Luigi and their baby counterparts) and introduces this species called the Shroobs. Bowser's Inside Story is the most original and makes you able to take control of both Bowser and the mario bros. and you must work togheter to defeat Fawful. It also introduced the giant boss battles in which you use the touch screen to attack giant boss battles and I love it! Dream Team is like BiS but with dreams instead of bodies and it's so original! It brings back the giant battles from BiS as well. ...more - darthvadern

5 The Teamwork of Mario & Luigi

This is the only mario series in which both mario and luigi are main protagonists and seeing them fight off enemies is just very awesome, I lvo seeing them work togheter! The bros. attacks truly show their teamwork and I really love it! Especially in Superstar Saga when the bros. attacks were among the best in the series! - darthvadern

6 The Battle System

Ok so this is mainly low because it's not necessarily something original or unique, but I liked the battle system overall still. Much better than Paper Mario's battle system in which you can't even level up your attack stats, like why? The battle system in this series is better as you can choose to level up much more stats than just HP, FP or BP - darthvadern

7 The Villains Are Great

Cackletta and Fawful from Superstar Saga are two pretty awesome villians! Cackletta is quite intimidating and has a cool design and later on in the game posseses Bowser and becomes Bowletta and looks pretty creepy. Fawful is quite good too, and even returnedin Bowser's Inside Story as the main antagonist where I believe he wanted to rule the world. In Dream Team, Bowser and the bat king Antasma are the main villians. Bowser is just so awesome in this game and quite badass in my opinion. Antasma is a very original villian with excellent backstory. Bowser is the main villian of Paper Jam as well where he was decent I suposse. I haven't played PiT yet but I suspect these shroobs are the villians there - darthvadern

All of them are amongst the best in the series. It’s nice having some that aren't just Bowser - Randomator

8 The Stories In the Games

While this item kinda rehashes the item " Each Game Shows Something New and Clever", it's still something that needs to be pointed out. Superstar Saga has Peach's voice getting stolen by Cackletta so that she can awake the Beanstar that can fulfil her wishes, Dream Team has Mario and Luigi needing to save both Peach and Pi'illo Island from Antasma and Bowser who are after a dream stone so that they can fulfil their wishes. Well this whole fulfil their dreams may seem a bit cliché but I think only these two games had that story but I really liked it nevertheless. I won't go into BiS or PiT because I don't want to spoil myself too much, but their stories seem great as well - darthvadern

9 Bowser Has A More Important Role

In Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story Bowser is actually a good guy who sides with the mario bros.! In superstar saga he helps the bros. reach the Beanbean kingdom to get back Peach's voice and in Bowser's Inside Story he is the main protagonist and an anti-hero. Even in Dream Team where he is the main villian he still feels more important than in the platformers. I don't know about PiT, but the only game where he is slightly uninteresting in Paper Jam but thanks to Paper Bowser there he is alright there as well - darthvadern

I like how he’s not just the generic bad guy in these games - Randomator

10 Unique and Colorful Locations

Superstar Saga has Woohoo Mountain, Beanbean Fields and Chucklehuck Woods which are all awesome and unique locations and the fact that they all seem to fit togheter is quite awesome! Dream Team proves my point even more! Dozing Sands is a desert under construction with drills and stuff, Somnon Woods is an ancient forest where an ancient figure lies, Wakeport is a tourist town with an awesome mall feel, and so on. Paper Jam doesn't have much unique locations but they're quite colourful and fun nevertheless. I haven't played PiT and BiS (for like the tenth time) but their locations seem pretty original as well - darthvadern

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