Top 10 Best Things About Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

This game is so underrated and people don't value it. I'm going to show why this forgotten game is so good.

The Top Ten

1 The Creativity

It is one of the most creative Mario games. Here people make sodas by placing a fruit in a barrel full of syrup and telling it jokes. The places are also made very well. The beans you get underground can be used for making stat boosting drinks. There is even a shop where you can buy information. - TopTener

2 The Beanbean Kingdom

Instead of exploring the familiar Mushroom Kingdom you can get to a kingdom whit new awesome locations that are named after laughter. This place has never appeared in any other game but I hope it does. - TopTener

3 The Story

It is like the story changes in every new location. The plot twists make the game surprising and interesting. - TopTener

4 Mario and Luigi Use Teamwork and are Very Close

It feels like the Mario Bros. have better teamwork than any other game,even the other Mario and Luigi games. Istead of using items in battle they use their teamwork skills. - TopTener

5 The New Characters
6 The Humor
7 It Had the Best Enemies

The new enemies in this game were very interesting but never returned.
You fight Anubis-like dogs and hourglasses. - TopTener

8 The Soundtrack

Beanbean Fields is one of the best - darthvadern

There are many catchy and funny themes in the game. - TopTener

9 The Mario Bros. Can Use Fire and Thunder
10 The Geno Cameo

It is just so sad that Princess Peach is a more beloved Mario character for being prissy and doing nothing for herself, which is our only major nitpick of this game. Keep in mind, I only said nitpick. Which means a weakness that can easily be overlooked if someting is THIS good. This list deserves praise and no criticism from trollers like the Modern Paper Mario defenders. Superstar Saga gets way too much of a pass from idiots like Gligar13Vids. - The Ultimate Daredevil

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11 Its Traditional Graphics
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