Best Things About The Maze Runner Books

What do you think is the best about the Maze Runner Books. This is based mostly on the first one!

The Top Ten

1 Newt

How can you not love this character

Of course he's the best thing that happened to the series.

Newt is perfect. I have nothing more to say. He's just...perfect. I swear I'd marry him in an instant!

My favourite character

2 The Action

Who does not love the action in these books! So gruesome...

The Maze Runner books are dystopian and they wouldn't qualify for being in that genre if the action wasn't epic enough. Also, the book's action kept me awake for several nights as they're just.. Awesome. James Dashner really did an amazing job on the books!

3 Minho

I was sure Minho would die because he was my favourite (my favourites always die) but HE LIVED

I seriously love Minho. These books are amazing! - keycha1n

4 Thomas

Everyone must love Thomas! - TheMazeRuner

He's the best character. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 The Sarcasm

Minho is awesome. dishin out sarcasm 'n' sass like like a boss.

6 Frypan
7 Teresa
8 The Maze
9 The Flare
10 W.I.C.K.E.D.

The Contenders

11 Right Arm
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