Best Things About Meeting Total Strangers

I love meeting new people. They always start off as strangers. Some remain so and some become your best friends.

The Top Ten

Confiding In Them

You can tell them your secrets and because they don't know you, they can't judge. - Britgirl

Creating Lasting Memories

I'll never forget the lovely woman who gave me a tissue and good off-topic conversation when I broke down in tears on the train a while back. Thank you... - Britgirl

You won't Remember the persons name but you will recall the Memory - Curti2594

You Don't Have to Commit or Promise Anything to Them
Having a Laugh for the Duration of Knowing Them

I've had many a good laughs with total strangers. They make me forget my shyness. - Britgirl

Getting to Know Them

Then you can be best freinds.

That's very true, Britgirl. Unless they follow you everywhere. And not like people do online. - PositronWildhawk

I love people and it's fun getting to know them on a first meeting. - Britgirl

You Don't Have to Give Any Personal Details
It's Exciting

You never know just how your first meeting will turn out... - Britgirl

You Never Have to See Them Again

If something embarrassing happens to you, for instance, if you were in public with your younger brother, you need not care what they think. They don't know you. - PositronWildhawk

If the conversation runs dry, you can make your excuses and leave and never have to see them again. - Britgirl

Reading Their Body Language
You Can Have Frank Discussions Without Feeling Guilty of Expressing Your Opinion
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