Top Ten Best Things About Men

Men in general are adorable. Here're ten reasons why.
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1 Their Voice

Bury your head in a man's chest and get him to say "I love you." Wonderful...

I love deep, baritone voices. Authoritative, but not aggressive.

I love deepish voices.

my husbands voice is so sexy, I love it when he calls my name, I just melt every time.

2 Their Eyes

Have you ever just took a moment to look into his eyes? I think eyes are amazing. No matter what color or shape they are, you will always find something so beautiful in them.

my man has amazing eyes.

3 Their Hair
4 They're Protective

If men are protective then I guess you could say wemen are over protective Ex. With there kids

We Certainly are! Women, Sports, Money, Etc

my man is very protective of me, he holds me a lot.

5 Their Lips

so good for kissing.

6 They're Sensitive

See not all guys are Tough Jerks!

Some have Real hearts!

Umm what kind of sensitive

7 Their Abs

He doesn't have to have abs in my opinion

8 They're Romantic

I'm a sucker for romance and romantic men just make me go weak.

9 Their Legs
10 They Can Be Shy

I love the shy ones. They tend to act instead of speak.

Uhh that's not a good trait and if you get me a 16 pack I'm not shy at all

I find this a very attractive trait

The Contenders
11 They Generally Have a Better Sense of Humour

Oh Britgirl, what a list! God, are most men really the angels you described in your sweet list? Not exactly! Haha... I still hope so though.Well, however, I must agree with you on that one: Men generally have a better sense of humour. Women can be very touchy and have a tendency to misunderstand things.

Men ARE funnier than women. Don't argue - just accept it as fact.

I don't know, Britgirl, you're hilarious!

No, please, PositronWildhawk my sweet. I insist! YOU'RE funnier! Haha!

12 Their Smile
13 They Put Up With Their Woman's Bad Moods
14 Their Humor
15 They're Good at Math
16 They're Patient

Yeah especially during black Friday * bangs head against wall

Some men are willing to wait forever...

17 Their Hands

I love when my husband put's his hands on me.

18 Their Personality
19 Their Fame
20 Their Looks

To me, looks are just a bonus point on men. I find intelligence, kindness, humor, and bravery far more attractive.

21 Their Wide Shoulders
22 Their Height

Not all men are tall though. I personally don't mind shorter guys. I think they're cute :) and being 5'1" no guys I meet are ever shorter than I am.

23 They're Strong
24 They're Handsome
25 They're Sweet
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