Top 10 Things About Metalheads that You Should Know Before Reading This List


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1 We Love Metal

If you didn't know that Metalheads love metal than I question your intelligence - christangrant

Yes but I love other music genres like Rock, Punk, Alternative and Grunge to.

Wow! I NEVER knew this before reading the list! *sarcasm*
But seriously though, this item is quite obvious. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 We are Not Stupid


3 We are Not Satanic

It's a stereotype that needs to stop being used.

4 We Also Listen to (Hard) Rock

I might listen to Metallica but I do like listening to some AC/DC every now and then.

I also listen to AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, and Van Halen as well - christangrant

5 We Do More Than Just Listen to Metal

I listen to not only Metal but Rock, Punk, Alternative and a bit of Grunge to. So yeah metalheads do more then listen to metal.

Example I'm also a Video Gamer - christangrant

Doesn't seem like it imao.

6 We Don't Like Popstars Because Most of Them are Liked Because of Their Looks

Yeah for me the only thing that makes like or hate a popstar is their songs, lyrics and well "talent".

7 We Accept Anyone Who Wants to Be a Metal Fan
8 We Love Instruments

I like drums and guitars the most instrument wise.

Actually, quite a few of us can play an instrument or two, myself included. - Metalhead1997

Especially Electric Guitar - christangrant

9 Many Metalheads are Animal Lovers

I do love animals, too. And I made many lists about animals. I even made a list Top 10 Metal Musicians Who Love Animals - Metal_Treasure

Me for example I'm a cat person.

I love animals and so do many other Metalheads - christangrant

Yeah! I'm an animal activist as well!

10 We Love Skulls

I love artwork with skulls - christangrant

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11 We Are Not Closed-Minded

We wouldn't like metal if we are close-minded - DejanKalinic

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