Top Ten Best Things About the Movie Sinister

The Top Ten

1 The Storyline

While it gets a little fuzzy at the very end, I feel like this is a story that hasn't been done before, and in Hollywood, that's saying A Lot. Some of the basic themes may have been similar, or borrowed from other movies, but the main theme, the main story is super unique. Gotta love that.

2 The rewatchability
3 Ethan Hawke
4 Detective So-And-So

This cutie was sort of a scene stealer every time he was on screen. I thought he was a genius addition to this show, with just the right amounts of adorable, funny, and hilariously serious. He also plays a pretty important role in the show, and all in all I really thought he was a hidden gem in this movie.

5 The Sets
6 The mood

The use of lighting, camera angles, music, and other things really come together to set the mood for this movie. The director is a master of manipulating the mood for this entire movie, I think. I love in a horror movie when I realize that I have in fact, been manipulated by the movie into a certain mood or feeling. It really helps to draw people into a movie, and take them out of themselves for a while.

7 The use of Super 8 footage

Though not a new concept, the use of this found footage in the super 8 form is pure genius in this movie. the way the light flickers disorients, and the way the film is slightly grainy makes you look harder, and then when you finally see something…. The impact is bigger, more intense. Also, I feel that there’s just something creepy about the sound that a Super 8 makes, and the sometimes jerky movements it makes the film do.

8 The soundtrack
9 Bughuul, or Mr. Boogie

Holy crap. One of the scariest movie characters I've ever seen, and one that sticks with you and makes you want to sleep with the lights on. His makeup, the way he moves, ugh, everything about this character is just plain scary. The stuff our original nightmares are made of. The fact that he is a pagan deity makes it even more scary, I think, because it ventures into a time period that we understand little about, and have no recourse against. Possession movies, you have the Christian God, but what about the things that went bump in the night before modern god was an idea?

10 Professor Jonas
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