Best Things About Music

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1 Lifts Your Mood

Definitely a mood lifter. I like that all types of music fits all types of moods too. And I agree that songs send messages Sometimes when you can't find the right words to say, you know you'll always find a perfect song that will...

Every time I'm pissed or sad music lifts my spirits - llamaboy17

I always turn to sixties music to lift my spirits.

2 There Are Many Genres

I'm mostly an electronic guy, but also like rock music, a bit of soul and ambient. Love the variation to them all. - PositronWildhawk

3 Calms You Down

That depends on what mood you're in. If I'n in a record store and I hear Justin bieber it put me in a murderous mood. - GingerRogers

4 Good Tunes
5 Good Lyrics
6 Provokes Memories

I love listening to old songs because it brings back memories & feelings from that time you heard the song the most! :D - NintendoROCK3T

7 It's There for You No Matter What You are Going Through.
8 Good Songs
9 There are Many Different Types to Listen To
10 Social

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11 Good Singers
12 It's Motivational
13 Sends Messages

You can actually relate to what the song is all about, that's when you started to like or to have a fovorite music

14 It's Beautiful
15 It Can Help You Escape Life's Negatives
16 It Will Never Die

Music will NEVER die.

17 The World Would Be a Quiet Place Without It.
18 It's Always Changing
19 Energetic
20 It's Creative
21 It's Entertaining
22 It Can Heal People
23 It's Great Company

When you just want to chill and not have anyone near you, it's great company - Adam.

24 You Can Dance to It.
25 You Can Sing Along To It
26 Brings Friends Together
27 Always Have It In Memory

Well, yes indeed. Certain songs are hard to shake from ones head. Like a blocked salt shaker, hmm? - Britgirl

28 It's Romantic
29 It's the Theme of a Product
30 It Can Help You While You Work
31 Vibe
32 Lyrics
33 Groove
34 Vocals
35 Beat
36 Connectivity
37 Health Benefits
38 Relaxation
39 Dominance as an Art Form
40 Popularity
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1. Vibe
2. Lyrics
3. Groove
1. It's There for You No Matter What You are Going Through.
2. There are Many Different Types to Listen To
3. It's Motivational
1. Good Tunes
2. Good Lyrics
3. Good Songs


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