Best Things About a Nice Cup of Tea

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1 It's great for stress, anxiety etc.

Whenever you're feeling down or are having a rough day, pour yourself a cup of the stuff and unwind. The effects are extraordinary.

2 It's delicious

I don't just drink it because of my national stereotype. I drink it because I love it. - PositronWildhawk

Whether you like it with or without milk or sugar, the taste of tea is instantly refreshing.

3 It warms you up really well

Works especially in the evenings, or during poor weather and winter time.

4 Anyone can enjoy it

It's literally everyone's cup of tea!

5 You can drink it at almost any occasion

Be it while you're relaxing, partying, in the office or just fancy a cuppa.

6 It's easy to make

Teabag in cup, water in kettle, kettle boiled, boiling water in cup, and alakazam! You have in front of you a cup of tea.

7 It's a brilliant social drink

I always offer it to visitors.

8 Tea has a history to it

Quite a complex one at that.

9 There are many different types of tea

I love how many different types of tea there are. Each one has a history to it and it's own special taste. Tea is by far my favorite drink.

Earl Grey, Camomile, Redbush, the list goes on. So you can choose one that suits your tastes and the effect will always be the same.

10 It takes ages to cool down

Which means once you've made a cup, in the meantime when you're waiting for it to be cool enough to drink, you can do anything you want so you're not bored waiting. Careful not to forget it's there though...

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