Top Ten Best Things About Nintendo

Response to megatron939 nintendo is the best gaming company ever

The Top Ten

1 Super Mario Bros

Best video game franchise ever over a bunch of titles and classics - VideoGamefan5

Best video game franchise ever made is mario

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2 Saved the Gaming industry

Saved it from the atari crash - VideoGamefan5

3 The Legend Of Zelda

Great puzzles and video games and bosses and challenges and great graphics - VideoGamefan5

keep going

4 Great For Kids

Its true there amazing video games for them - VideoGamefan5

5 Best Selling Franchises ever
6 Amazing Video games
7 Wii U

Great system - VideoGamefan5

8 Pokemon

I got back into playing pokemon after I asked for Platinum version for my birthday for the nostalgia. I'm so glad I did. And my favourite pokemon is Torterra, with Snivy and its evolutions at a close second. It's my favourite escape from reality. - Wolftail

Wow you guys pokemon was at 10 and now at 9 thanks for voting this is the first time other people voted for something and made it go up thanks - VideoGamefan5

I love it especially oras,rse and xy. my favourite pokemon is banette

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9 Amazing Systems

All of their main systems are amazing (exept virtual boy and excluding stuff like wii mini and nintendo ds xl) - VideoGamefan5

10 Greatest Video Games Ever

The Contenders

11 Their Games
12 Their Consoles
13 Their Characters
14 Their Franchises
15 Star Fox

I didn't add this in but thank you to whoever did - VideoGamefan5

16 They are the Anti-Disney

Yes, Disney SUCKS!

17 Their Innovations
18 Their Usually High Standards of Quality
19 They are Not Just Suits
20 Reggie Fils-Aimé
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