Top Ten Best Things About Ouran High School Host Club

No I didn't make this because it's getting hate or anything. People tend to like Ouran High School a lot. These are probably the few reasons as to why they like the anime Ouran High school Host Club

The Top Ten

1 The Amazing Characters

EVERY character is pure amazing. My favourite is Hikaru

I think this rank should be called "The Twins"

2 The Stupendous Actors

Although the characters are amazing, the actors really create them and make them their own.

Todd is a boss

3 Hilarious Moments

The strange sounds that Tamaki makes are the best parts of each episodes- if they weren't there I wouldn't have laughed as hard, to be honest.

Loaf it boi

It's a shame I haven't watch this :'(.But I will watch it! 😃 - MLPFan

4 The Hot Guys
5 The Awesome Opening Theme
6 The Love Story
7 It's Soundtrack Is Great
8 The Whole Fanbase!
9 The Quotes

Honey quotes are the best.

10 The Deep Storylines In Some Episodes

The Contenders

11 Tamaki's Emo Corner

We all have a Tamaki emo corner.

12 "Which One is Hikaru?"

I love it that the whole host club can't tell them apart but Haruhi is the only one (besides the Twins) who can. I mean I can tell them apart easy, but I find Tamaki's reaction so funny.

I could tell which one was Hikaru from the start once he started talking. I just looked at their hair, because for some reason I do that to EVERY anime character I meet.

13 Honey's Cake Moments
14 Mori Senpai
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