Top 10 Best Things About Pets

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They love you no matter what

A dog killed a four year old girl just 45 minutes after entering the household. Loving, huh? If you didn't know, I was big sarcastic.

Almost all animals have this trait, you can go trough so many relationships, but your pet will stick with you and not judge for their whole life!

Almost all dogs are loving the only reason they attack people is because they're protecting their territory or because of their past.

If you get a dog, you are bound to have a loving companion for 15-20 years!

They are adorable

My aunt has a poodle and one of my older cousins has a husky and both are adorable

My aunt has a cat and dog and they are both so cute

U awe sow kiut, Junie.

They are playful

My pet fish aren't that playful but I wish I has a dog. Then I wouldn't get so bored when there is nothing to do.

My cat Katie can be playful at times but she's 10 so all she does for the most part is sleep and eat. Boo, the other cat who's 3 is pretty playful.

Sometimes,I like to play with my pet kitten

Except for most cats

They are best friends for life

Not always. I’m sorry to be a Johnny rain cloud, but not every pet is in want to be your friend. A cat is sweet and lovable, and people often claim them as “friends”. Bunnies would also be an example of a pet BFF. Hamsters are’nt the cuddliest. Budgies, cockatiels, macaws, and toucans are though. Whereas all dove species are in beetween. Chickens are great companians and so are bearded dragons, leopard geckos, blue tongued skinks, and ball pythons. Chameleons, whereas, aren't the nicest of pets. They look cool, sure, but are not necessarily the best thing for handling. You can definitely earn their trust and possibly get them to pearch on your hand. So if they earn your trust, they make great additions to friendship! Water dragons also can form bonds. Horses are awesome! So sure-pets and humans alike can form strong friendships!

They are always there for you

My pets have done a lot, in their own way, to support me when I'm down.

They don't judge
They are self-less
They are family

Pets are family, I have quite a few and I love them like my own children.

Humans and animals living under the same roof? All I could do about this item is laugh. Ha, ha, ha.

If I get a dog it will be my child

They would do anything for you

Actually, pets have a lot of use today, much more than you think. They are still guard animals and most dogs are used for hunting. Most protect their owners at all cost and are very good companions. I do agree that birds and fish shouldn't be pinned up so much, but not all fish live in the sea either! It's not animal abuse, their fed and they live much longer than they would in the wild, in fact, dogs are completely dependent on humans, yes, even strays rely on us to feed them. Animal abuse is the exact opposite! Examples of animal abuse: caging wild animals; leaving any animal without access to food, water or shelter; chaining an animal; beating an animal; owning too many animals. Do your research before accusing almost half a country of such a horrible crime!
P.S. Canaries don't live in jungles, they wouldn't survive a day
P.P.S. Animals living under the same 'roof' as humans has been around since cave men. The 'sick idiot' who came up with this died almost 32,000 years ago so ...more

Oh, like ruin the furniture, mess up your house, or ruin your hard work? No, no, no! Pets are a horrible idea! It's animal abuse. I really want to punch the sick idiot who came up with the idea of animals and humans living under the same roof right in the nose! Face it, do fish have fun living in a bowl all this time when they could be swimming eternally and freely under the sea? Or do canaries have fun staying in a cage this whole time when they could be living in such a wide space, like a rainforest? Oh, you let them roam free through the house, I see. So be prepared to have them ruin your stuff. And many years ago, people used dogs as guard animals, to protect their owners from strangers. Why do we keep dogs and cats today? So we could be like! "Oh, I wuv you! Yohw so cute! " Pets are dumb. Email me when yours gets hit by a speeding car. Bye, animal abusers.

Dogs are enterally loyal to you and no matter what, always loves you, the owner for taking care of them

(the half a country thing is just in the U.S.)

They are entertaining

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They are fun
They don't care how much money you have

I've seen homeless people with very loving pets

They calm you when you're sad or angry

You can tell them all your problems and they will listen to you and NEVER judge.

They protect you
They never stop being your friend
They love you when you're mad
You can share secrets with them
They can be trained

Especially dogs, cats, ferrets and rats.

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