Best Things About the Phantom In The Phantom of the Opera


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1 He's passionate

A man who is passionate is a very sexy man indeed! - Britgirl

2 He's charming

If you can get past the obsession he has with Christine and the murders he commits, you'll find a sweet, gentle man. Seriously! - Britgirl

3 His voice

Like velvet fog. Enchanting. - Britgirl

4 He's a genius

... A magician, a composer, an architect... - Britgirl

No more to say. it speaks for itself.

5 He's sexy

If you can get past his "shell" you'll find it's his intelligence and masterful but gentle ways which make this man sexy. - Britgirl

6 He dedicates himself to one woman

Well, he certainly does. He even makes a doll out of Christine! Kinda creepy, but he's only human, I suppose. I love PotO, so I guess I'm biased, lol.

7 He's only human

He makes mistakes and does some crazy things just like anyone else. He's not perfect and that's what makes him perfect... - Britgirl

8 He's creative
9 He lets Christine go

He loves her enough to put his feelings aside. What woman wouldn't fall for that? Aww... - Britgirl

10 If it wasn't for him, there would be no Phantom of The Opera

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11 He can sing

Have u heard Music of the Night? His voice is AMAZING!

12 He's a murderer

so sexy

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