Top Ten Best Things About the Pokemon Mew


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1 Mew is Adorable

I love adorable, cute Pokemon, and mew is one of them! IT'S A PINK KITTY WITH PSYCHIC POWERS! Mew has a TON of great qualities, but the best is being cute!

It's so cute! I squealed with joy when I got a shiny one on WonderTrade!

Adorable - TheKirbyMaster529

Mew is like alittle mewto

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2 Mew is Smart

Smartest Pokemon and cute

Smart - TheKirbyMaster529

3 Mew has a Cute Voice

Cute voice - TheKirbyMaster529

Mew Mew said

4 Mew is Strong

It Can TRANSFORM to any Pokemon. It also the ancestor of all Pokemon it can teleport and creat pink bubbles.

Strongest Pokémon - TheKirbyMaster529

5 Mew is a Big Part of Pokemon History

A very big part indeed it has a cell of every pokemon

A big part - TheKirbyMaster529

6 Mew is Pink

Yay pink! - A girly girl

Pink - TheKirbyMaster529


7 Mew is a Legendary

Mew is a Mythical Pokemon not a Legendary. - RiverClanRocks

Mythical - TheKirbyMaster529

8 Mew is a Real Pokemon

kill me

A real Pokémon - TheKirbyMaster529

9 Mew is Rare

Rare - TheKirbyMaster529

10 Mew is a Great Pokemon To Have

I wish I could catch Mew! - beatles5

A great Pokémon - TheKirbyMaster529

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11 Mew saved ash's live, twice
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